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2017 Ducati SuperSport S Review

2017 Ducati SuperSport S Review

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The SuperSport would not be deterred from its intended course by any manner of road surface irregularities, and a little upper body movement was all that was needed to change directions. The seat was pretty comfy, I could sit fairly upright if I wanted to, and there was no buffeting of my helmet. I was in my happy place. But then I started to notice a few things. Like make sure you pee before going on the highway, because the tank will put some pressure on your bladder under some circumstances. The mirrors are pretty useless at speed, showing a fuzzy mess behind you, but what’s behind me, I no care on a Ducati! And that fuzzy mess in the mirrors is caused by high-frequency vibes which are also felt in the grips enough to be annoying. The optional Termi exhaust was OK-I’d be on the fence about spending for that. Ah, who am I kidding, I’d buy it.

2017 Ducati SuperSport S Review

If those vibes in the grips could be cured, this would be a pretty perfect bike for anyone who wants to enjoy more than a little sport and enthusiastic riding, including at a track day, and still be able to go away for a few days, with a pillion. It’s compact and beautiful, goes like stink, and that quickshifter…  But I can’t abide the vibes. Fix that Mr. Ducati, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a bike.

A SuperSport can be had for $13,995 CAD plus fees and taxes, with the S version listing at $15,495 CAD. Call your local dealer for US prices, then buy the S.

Story by David G. Williams

David lives in North Vancouver and is an avid wild camper and motorcyclist. His freelance writing and photography occasionally appear in Motorcycle Mojo magazine. He considers himself handsome, but we’re not convinced. Check him out on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Central Scrutinizer

    The Panigale has timing chains and the rest of the Ducatis have rubber timing belts. Given that, most Ducatis seem like ground beef priced as though it was Kobe beef. My money goes elsewhere.

  2. David G Williams

    I am known to be somewhat parsimonious (hence the V-Strom 1000), however I don’t feel that the price is out of line for this bike, as it is for some other Europeans.

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