5 Motorcycle Myths & Misconceptions

Over the years we’ve heard a lot of stories and ideas about how to stay safe on your bike and how to improve your experience. While there is plenty of factual basis behind some of them, there are a lot which are untrue and after reading them you will wonder why people believed them in the first place! In our latest post we look at some of the biggest myths and misconceptions around motorcycles and expose the ones that aren’t true.

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Sports Tyres Make You Go Faster

Sports tyres are specifically designed to provide better grip, but they only work at certain temperatures which unless you’re on a race track then you’re probably not going to reach – thus eliminating any benefit that you may have gotten from them.

Helmets Reduce Your Visibility

You’ve probably heard tons of ‘facts’ about motorcycle helmets – how they reduce your visibility of the road or that they can contribute to broken necks in an accident. In reality these couldn’t be further from the truth which is why it is a legal requirement in the UK to be wearing a helmet whilst riding a motorbike on the road.

If you’re new to motorbiking then wearing a helmet will certainly be something to get used to, but when you have such an extensive range to choose from, like the one from J&S Accessories, why would you choose not to wear one?

New Tyres Need Breaking In By Under Inflating Them

A break in period for news tyres is definitely recommended by a lot of manufacturers, however under inflating it will certainly not help. In fact the only thing you are likely to do is damage to tyre and give you a reduced grip on the road. Make sure your tyres are filled up correctly and let the nature wearing process take place!

A Fast Moving Bike Will Avoid Speed Cameras

Around 1 in 5 drivers in the UK believe that it is possible to “out run” a speed camera and some studies have gone as far as to say it is possible, but only if you are travelling in excess of 200 mph. The majority of vehicles will, of course, never make it to this speed and those caught trying are likely to receive a pretty serve punishment. The safest way to not get caught by a speed camera? Stick to the speed limit.

Alcohol & Riding

We’re not even sure where to start with this one – the myth goes that in order to calm your nerves you should drink a glass of alcohol before you ride. We can’t stress enough how dangerous this could actually be and regardless of the UK alcohol limit the NHS advise that the safest option is not to drink any alcohol at all if you are planning on driving.