$50 Gift Card for Leaving Comments? Yup!

Motorcycle magazines focus on the greatest, motorcycle websites focus on the latest.

We focus on what we think you’ll like. bikerMetric does too.

We feature the men and women doing amazing stuff with motorcycles who wouldn’t otherwise get the exposure they deserve. We feature people before they get on Jimmy Fallon, before they get their own TV shows, and before they break land speed records.

It’s amazing what the people we’ve interviewed have accomplished. Motorcyclists truly are inspiring.

That being said we always love hearing from our readers. Your comments, questions, and criticisms go a long way.

In 2014, no one’s chimed in as much as Michael Scott. In 2014 Michael left 37 comments on the site. Moreover, he’s been telling us that we can’t spell worth a damn for a few years by finding countless typos. Misteaks happen. Michael catches them.

YouMotorcycle had almost 250,000 visitors in 2014. Many of you left comments. Thank you to everyone who joined in on our conversations.

Michael’s got a $50 gift card in his email inbox. We hope the rest of you will leave more comments. We’re hoping to start having monthly prizes, pending sponsorship confirmation, and all you need to do is leave a comment, so stop by, say hi, and share your opinion.

Have a great new year guys. We wish you all the best.