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An Outsider’s Perspective of Motorcyclists

An Outsider’s Perspective of Motorcyclists

opinion of motorcyclists@Gabby_DB – Dancer / Contortionist / Aerialist
The world is a better place when hanging upside down

Adrian at YouMotorcycle proposed the idea to me of writing an outsider’s perspective of motorcyclists.

As ignorant as this might sound, up until 3 months ago I didn’t think there was much of a motorcycle community, let alone an entire motorcycle world, but YouMotorcycle has opened up my eyes to something new to me.

If I had to generalize bikers in one word it would be ‘unity’. There is an unspoken language on the road that no one will ever understand unless they ride a bike. It could be waving to a fellow biker while riding or helping a complete stranger if they forgot or had a piece of their gear stolen. Unlike car drivers who curse out everyone driving, bikers not only look out for themselves but others just like them. And I’ve witnessed this when driving alongside YouMotorcycle.

motorcyclist contortionistAs embarrassing as you might think, not only have I never rode a motorcycle myself, but up until a few weeks ago I had never even sat on one. It’s nothing personal. It’s just that I drive my SMART car to get around and if I need an adventure I climb, flip and drop from 30 feet in the air while my body is in pretzel-like positions – different strokes for different folks – Riding was never on my radar.

I understand the sense of community and team when it comes to a sport or activity. Coming from a performing arts background and currently part of the aerial/dance community in Toronto, I understand all too well about artists supporting one another and strangers coming together to share training tips, performance ideas and safety techniques. There’s a secret aerial family in Toronto that not many are aware of. After being part of this unknown family, sort of speak, I am surprised with myself that I didn’t see this in the motorcycle community.

I think there is a BIG misconception of bikers regardless of the city they’re in. From my personal experience, I’ve never met a group who has the same intensity for their passion. It’s really wonderful to see. To them, motorcyling is not a hobby; it’s not a pastime; it’s not just going from point A to point B; it’s a way of life. Coming from a person who lives and breathes their art, when I see others feel the same passion for what they love… it’s incredible to witness. YouMotorcycle has shown me numerous motorcycle blogs and through the written words on the screen, you can see the desire and unlimited joy people have with just themselves, their bike and an open road.

And it’s not just in the riding. Much has to do with before even turning the engine on. So much detail goes into riding that never even crossed my mind and I’m sure has never crossed the minds of others.

After meeting and talking with many special people and hearing about their wild riding adventures through Canada, Europe and South America, I now have a new found respect for bikers and their motorcycles.

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