Ashley’s Motorcycle Accident

Ashley was involved in a motorcycle accident on her CBR-125R back in March, 2011. Someone who was stopped (illegally) in a bicycle lane pulled a U-Turn right in front of her. She hit the brakes and the horn and swerved to try to avoid the car, but the car didn’t yield and blocked her exit and they collided.

When the car driver was asked if he had seen her, he said no. When asked if he had heard her honking, he admitted to having his “music blasting”. Motorcyclists, your lives are worth less than a good song to some people.

Ash was wise enough to take help from, and the contact information of a parking ticket attendant who witnessed the event – I guess they aren’t all bad after all! – and within an hour of her accident she was riding my KYMCO Venox while I rode her banged up CBR-125R home and a friend of ours tailed us both and blocked traffic in his car.

She was determined to be not at fault and got some new plastics from the insurance and all work done by Studio Cycle Group.

Here are some pics of the damage: