Can You Believe We Actually Won a Contest?!

You know those contests that you hear about? The ones wish you could win? The ones you don’t bother trying to win because, well, no one ever really wins those things? Right? WRONG!

When I’m not riding motorcycles or writing about riding motorcycles, I’m a marketing professional. I went to university for this, and the rest is history. Social media is one of my responsibilities at work. One of the websites that I rely on as an excellent source of things shareworthy (1 oz. fun, 1 oz. cool, and 1 oz. exciting) is Brit + Co.

Some time in September I saw Brit Morin posting her Be Yourself Together Contest.

“Need more explanation on what it means to “be yourself together”? It can actually be many things: moments when you’re a total goofball, when you’re completely serious and vulnerable, when you’re not ashamed to do what you love in front of everyone, when you’re not afraid to show who you love in front of everyone… the list goes on and on. Show us some personality!”

Brit Morin

I sent a message over to “G”, who had a moment straight out of a How I Met Your Mother episode.

She gathered up the best pics of us. Some from our Motorcycle Contortionist Photo Shoot, some from our trip to Jamaica with friends. Then she sent in the pictures and we waited with eager anticipation. Finally, in October, the announcement was made:

“Our winning photo was the perfect example of just how much fun you can have when you really find a partner you click with. It comes from “G”, and perfectly embodies what it means to Be Yourself Together. The photo not only shows off each of their passions, but how they share them while maintaining a love for each other.”

Brit Morin

And the winner was…

There we were! We won! Adrian Silipo and “G” – winners of what we dubbed the “Best Couple Ever” contest. The prize, aside from bragging rights and an inflated sense of couple’s pride, was a very generous gift card by Target. A big thank you to Brit + Co and Target for choosing our pics and for their kindness, and to Wobblycat for snapping the shot. I still can’t believe we won! Lastly, a very big thank you to my beautiful girlfriend, Goob, for giving motorcycles a chance, for never giving up on me, and for always pointing her toes.

Want to win a contest too?

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