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Motorcycle Philandering

  • Dad and I

    It Doesn’t Get Normal, It Only Gets Less Weird

    When you lose a parent, people promise you the world. They promise you they’ll make plans and suppor...

  • motorcycle couple - would you kiss her

    Would You Kiss Her?

    My friend cocked her head sideways and stared at me from across the table. “Everything you jus...

  • Dear Ex

    Dear Ex

    Here’s an open letter I wrote for my ex. Why share it publicly? I refuse to live in a world wh...

  • San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

    San Francisco

    If you had asked me a few days earlier I would’ve told you that I had no intention of flying t...

  • Merriless Merry Go Round

    Fits of Eeyore

    If you’re looking for motorcycle related content, check out the latest motorcycle news on our ...

God Didn’t Create Metal So That Man Could Make Paperclips

God didn't create metal so that man could make paperclips.

"I believe in something, but I don't know what it is." She whispered to me. "Maybe it isn't God or heaven, maybe it's just right and wrong." She looked up at me. "What do you believe in?" I thought about it for a long time. No one had ever asked me that. "What do I believe in? I believe in motorcycles." I answered. She rolled her eyes at me.

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Punched Out of His Turban – A Bar Story

Beer Taps

Sometimes on the road of life you see things that you could never imagine happening right in front of you. You see things that would only happen in a bad comedy flick. A lot of that kind of stuff happens while in bars.

I wanted to share this story with my little cousin Samantha who will be celebrating her sweet sixteen birthday in a couple weeks. Before I know it, she'll be out leading her own life full of stupidity. So here it is: the story of the guy who punched out of his turban at the bar Friday night.

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Notte Sento: Rome Scooter Ride Short Film

notte sento scooter couple rome

Notte Sento. That's italian. Literally it means something like "Night Feeling", but in this case it's a bit of an Italian play on words as Notte Sento sounds a bit like Non Ti Sento, or "I Can't Hear You." This video is the story of a beautiful deaf/mute girl who's train to Milan is cancelled so she must spend the night in Rome. In true italian fashion, she meets a boy. Actually, he's much more than just a boy, he's a rider, and the two of them begin their scooter ride across Rome overnight adventure.

This is a must see, even for the manliest of manly men, and the most sentimental alike. Check it out. You're guaranteed to want to ride a scooter or motorcycle through Rome at any moment.

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