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First Impressions

Cutting Through The Snow – SnoCobra Ski System First Impressions


Yesterday, Toronto broke a new record for the warmest recorded day in December. It was 13.6 degrees Celsius or 56.5 degrees Fahrenheit. A balmy, sunny December Friday in Canada. And I rode my motorcycle to work.Not everyone isn't seeing the same weather as I did yesterday. Elsewhere, ATVs, side by sides, and even snowmobiles are out in full force. They're exploring, racing, and playing in the snow. Occasionally they're getting stuck in the thick of it.

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Toyota i-Road: Why I Hate and Love it at the Same Time

Toyota i-Road

With 3 wheels, the Toyota i-Road is a zero-emission, electric combination motorcycle and car. Toyota is trying to create a new niche they call "urban mobility", combining "the convenience of a motorbike and comfort and stability of a car." If you can imagine a motorcycle with doors, a roof and a steering wheel, you pretty much have the Toyota i-Road. It has a top speed of 60 kph and can hold 2 people. Fully charged in 30 mins, the i-Road can travel 50 kms, but only at 30 kph. Each front wheel has its own electric motor (forward and reverse), while steering is accomplished by the back wheel. The driving experience is like a motorcycle as it leans into the corners.

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