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Interview with Sarah Merrell

Sarah Merrell Interview

Sarah Merrell is a sportbike rider, pit bike racer, model, and actress. We're pretty sure she can ride circles around you, us, and most of the people we know. She wasn't born a kick-ass rider though. Sarah took her journey learning to ride seriously, and pushed through the times where thought about quitting. Now she's passing racers on the track and shaving seconds off of her old laps. Check out her story.

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Victoria Merideth Making It Happen

Victoria Merideth

Let’s face it, the sport, the lifestyle, and the industry are all in need of more women. We’ve said it time and again, when women get involved in power sports, we take our little niche to the mainstream. Our voices double, we get heard, and we open up our favorite pass time, and our favorite lifestyle to families, and couples. When women get involved in power sports, everyone wins. Victoria Merideth's career in the motorcycle industry is just getting started.

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