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Cutting Through The Snow – SnoCobra Ski System First Impressions

Yesterday, Toronto broke a record for the warmest recorded day in December. It was 13.6 degrees Celsius or 56.5 degrees Fahrenheit. A balmy, sunny December Friday in Canada. And I rode my motorcycle to work.

Not everyone isn’t seeing the same weather as I did yesterday. Elsewhere, ATVs, side by sides, and even snowmobiles are out in full force. They’re exploring, racing, and playing in the snow. Occasionally they’re getting stuck in the thick of it.

If you’ve ever been in the snow, then you know how difficult it can be to get through some of the harder packs that have layers of ice. Your side by side vehicle might not be able to make it through in each situation. There could be a time when you have to abandon the idea of getting from one point to another. However, if you attach a ski system to the front of the vehicle, then you can usually get through any kind of snow that you come across. You can also use the system while you’re traveling through the woods so that you can get maneuver around leaves and other debris that might be along a trail.

SnoCobra Ski System

Most systems are made of aluminum or steel, making them a sturdy piece for the vehicle. They are easy to install with only a few tools and bolts. It often takes less than an hour to attach the system. Once the system is on the front of the vehicle, it’s difficult to remove unless you run over something that is very hard or if you physically remove it on your own accord. The design of the system is that of a shovel. The front tire fits inside a support at the rear of the system. This is a product that is ideal for reaching the taller ski trails that you might not otherwise reach by walking or taking another vehicle.

I thought this was a really honest upfront review of it by GoRiding ATV Canada:

While looking at the system, there is a fierceness exhibited as most of them are black in color with just the right amount of shine to stand out on the snow. The system can get through up to 35 pounds for each ski that is used. You can place one ski on each front tire in order to get the maximum benefit. They easily stop on the snow with the help of the braking system from the vehicle. Whether you are traveling over flat snow and need support to glide or you are sloshing through deeper snow packs, this is a system that can be a benefit for the sports enthusiast and the novice alike.

You can get details now about how to order and install the system.

And yes, it works great even in town.

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  1. I am very interested. In a set for my 1000 outlander. I have Tatou 4S tracks already so I would like an idea on pricing

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