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Valentino Rossi

Dainese’s 40th Anniversary (featuring Valentino Rossi, Guy Martin, & Thomas Chareyre)

“I think the passion to have fun when you ride is the most important thing.”
– Valentino Rossi.

Since 1972, Dainese, the producer of  motorcycle gear and extreme sports wear, has been kicking ass in typical Italian fashion. Dainese’s been a cut above many of their competitors. They’re stitched with a different thread, cut from a different cloth. There’s a little magic in the mix. What is it and how much is in there? We’ll never know. Italian grandmothers don’t use measuring cups, nor do they give up secrets.

Truth be told I’ve never actually owned Dainese gear, but I understand it. I’ve been riding for almost a decade now and spent my first two years out of university working in the motorcycle industry. I was the young and eager sponge absorbing all of the knowledge he could. When you examine the elements of Dainese’s motorcycle gear the thought process is clearly visible. Some research and development, and A-B testing went into the products.

Valentino Rossi Dainese 40th Anniversary

The same can be said of many of Dainese’s competition, no doubt, but there’s something to be said for being in the business for over forty years. That’s an accomplishment. While much of Italy is still facing a fierce economic recession, Dainese is celebrating a milestone – and who would blame them?

Watch the video to see what they’re all about.

Daine’se been posting quite a few videos lately. We showed you Dainese’s Isle of Man TT Trilogy of videos. Last month they put out something great as well. It was a video combining three great motorcyclists, perhaps three of the best motorcycle racers competing today.

 Guy Martin

The video had Valentino Rossi, Moto GP’s “Dottore” (doctor). It also had Isle of Man TT’s legend and Wolverine-lookalike, Guy Martin. Finally, it had Supermoto World Champion Thomas Chareyre.

I always like seeing videos of Rossi and Martin in their element, in their races, in their zone. At the same time, I love seeing them off of the bikes. It’s that small glimpse of them in a more personal context that’s interesting.

The Dainese video feels like a teaser that leaves more to be desired. It isn’t enough, but it’s worth a quick look-see for the motorcycle star-power. Maybe we’ll see more before the end of the summer?

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  2. RT @YouMotorcycle: Dainese’s 40th Anniversary (featuring Valentino Rossi, Guy Martin, & Thomas Chareyre)
    https://t.co/OSFchBTpsU https://t.…

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