Freedom Turns The Wheels by Cookster

A book written by a biker. There’s nothing new here, and more often than not, they’re great. Motorcyclists always have different way of looking at life. Our id is a little more out there than everyone else’s. We live on the other side of the line that the mainstream call their comfort zone. Imagine a book written by a biker who used to make his living hosting bikini contests. Imagine this same biker once worked for Stephen King and was a contributing editor for a plethora of motorcycle magazines (some good magazines, and quite a few bad ones).

Enter Cookster: Biker, author, story-teller, and admirer of women and motorcycles (and all of the trouble that comes with too much of either).

I read Freedom Turns The Wheels by Cookster almost two years ago and have been meaning to give it a positive review on YouMotorcycle for a long time. Cookster shares anecdotes about life on two wheels, much like Jefe Smith, another author I’ve come to love. Although Cookster, to his credit, can be a bit more leud. Imagine that, a motorcyclist talking about sensitivities. Hah!

Freedom Turns The Wheels is an action packed 7 story collection of humorous, and sometimes harrowing, but always entertaining, biker fiction – with an attitude – and it’s genuine. It’s old skool through and through. Each story presents its own set of problems which get dealt with in true biker style. Freedom Turns The Wheels celebrates freedom and the freedom machine. Cookster’s unique writing style and storytelling puts you at the heart of the action every step of the way. If You Ride – You Can Relate means that you’ll recognize these independent souls and their struggle to break the chains of life unlived. They don’t follow the crowd – they ride free and embrace their own code.

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