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  1. Looks like a great film any motorcycle enthusiast would love!

  2. Visually stunning indeed. As Art Director and Cast member (Ty), I hope you’re not too disappointed that I am NOT a ‘real motorcyclist’. Although, it was fun, scary and thrilling playing one for six weeks! Thanks for the nice review!

  3. Really an art movie with awesome sceneries.
    The characters are really likeable, straight and convincing.
    But it’s not easy to follow, because the dialogues are quite rare.
    It watches it 3 times to get the whole story about self-determinaton and identification of this female biker newbie.
    The movie is very different from Hollywood’s main stream. And that makes it really worth seeing.
    I want more indy-films like this !

  4. RT @YouMotorcycle: She left her controlling fiance, sold her wedding dress, and used the money to buy a Moto Guzzi @GMBmovie https://t.co/h…

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