Hamilton: 125 Waterfalls!

Helluva bath!

Little known fact but the town west of Toronto is beautiful and a short ride away! Ride over to Webster Falls.

Until recently, like everyone else who lives in downtown Toronto, we had no idea why anyone would want to go visit Hamilton.

Well, as it turns out, they have a couple waterfalls there. Not too far, sounds kind of cool, grab the camera, grab the GPS, we’ll take Dundas Street the whole way there, let’s go!

We strongly recommend checking out the waterfalls, and if you do, you must check out’s profile on Hamilton. It has seasonal information on all of the biggest falls, maps from one fall to the next, and walking and driving direction!Ashley rode to Hamilton via our 50cc scooter! It took a while but Dundas St. runs from the east end of Toronto essentially all the way to Hamilton. Keep in mind our 50cc is a two-stroke, and this might not be as fun for the four-stroke 50cc scooters out there. You can do it just be careful, and try to avoid the big hills around Hamilton and Dundas. Google’s typography maps are your friend.

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