How to Pull a Motorcycle Trailer – Tips from a Veteran

Our readers are some of the awesomest motorcyclists out there. Karl Steinmeyer from Get Lost Trailers is one of them. Karl’s a custom motorcycle trailer builder, and a do-good’er motorcyclist too. Not only did he put together the 50 gallon whiskey barrel motorcycle trailer, he also wrote out and freely shares the plans for making your own motorcycle trailer on bikerMetric.

How to Pull a Motorcycle Trailer – Tips from a Veteran:

“I’ve enjoyed more of the open road with a trailer, than without. Take it from me, it will change the way you ride.

1. Ride it like you stole it, just not when pulling a trailer.
2. Pull in – pull out parking spots are your friend.
3. Locks are not for pussies; lock your trailer to your bike, and your trailer shut.
4. Push starting is a bitch, don’t leave your trailer lights on.
5. Ride more; bring what you want, when you want.”

Karl Steinmeyer
Get Lost Trailers