I Want To Ride – Upcoming Female Motorcyclist Blog

Hello riders! Some of you may remember last month’s article Targeting Women Motorcyclists – Resources for Female Riders. The article highlighted Vicki Gray / MOTORESS and the International Female Ride Day, other players in the local female riding community, and how as riders we all benefit from a strong female presence in motorcycling. It called out for women riders to share their links with us.

Earlier today I heard about a new blog, The new blog chronicles the quest to becoming a motorcyclist, as told by future biker-belle Cecilia Lourenco. Having lived and rode a scooter in Florence, Italy, Cecilia’s posts offer an enthusiastic but down to earth look at her progression into motorcycling here in Toronto, Canada:

“I miss that little scooter…well not so little.  I did tip over a couple of times and needed help to get it back up!!  On second thought…what am I thinking?!!  I can’t ride a motorcycle!!!  What if I tip over?!!  No no no, squash that thought.  It’s time, I can do it.

I’m tired of sitting in the back of someone else’s motorcycle.  I want to be in control!  I want to ride!!  But if I tipped over with my Piaggio Liberty, how will I be able to handle a motorcycle?  I’m only 5’1″ and 110lbs and when I tell people I want to ride a motorcycle they all chuckle!

So now on cue my inner voice steps in and says, “Come on Cecilia, when have you ever backed down from a challenge?!”

That’s right!  And you know what, when I first purchased that scooter six years ago I was so scared to ride but I didn’t let that fear take over.  It’s kind of the same fear I feel now with motorcycles.  Fear mixed in with anticipation and excitement.”

Copied from without permission, so cross your fingers that Cecilia won’t mind!

Later posts address her licensing here in Canada, from having to spend over 3 hours to get her M1 motorcycle license at the Ministry of Transportation – an Ontario motorcycling tradition – to her special women-only weekend M2 Course this coming week.

Best of luck to Cecilia and the rest of the Women’s Weekend riders this weekend!

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