It Was Ride To Work Day (Does Anybody Care?)

Fuzzygalore posted a little somethin’ somethin’ about Ride To Work day a while ago. Our beloved Fuzz rode to work. She didn’t see any more motorcycles than she typically would see most days. (Read the story in Fuzzy’s own words, here)

Fuzzy’s post beckoned the question, do motorcycle awareness days really work, what do you think?

Good question.

In large part I see Fuzzy’s point. Without banners or signage, do people really understand the cause? Do they even know that there is a cause?

My number one method of avoiding disappointment in life is assuming that people are idiots, and planning and acting accordingly. If I had to guess I would say that most people (cagers and pedestrians) have no idea what they’re seeing when a motorcycle awareness ride rolls past them.

There’s a hole world of ignorance out there, and I’m a part of it. For my entire life I’ve lived within ear shot of an annual air show and I don’t even look up in the sky when I hear the planes pass. I couldn’t be bothered, so I can’t blame the general population if they can’t be bothered to ask themselves “I wonder why all of those motorcyclists are all riding together.”

But maybe these events and motorcycle rallies aren’t about the general population (the cagers). Maybe they aren’t even about other motorcyclists. Maybe participating in these motorcycle events and rallies is more about self-awareness than they are about spreading awareness. Maybe these events are really about reaffirming your personal commitment to a something. Maybe they’re about keeping a memory alive. Maybe they’re about a gesture to an old friend, one that you won’t see again until you’ve crossed the edge.

I mean, we’re motorcyclists, since when do we care what other people think, right? So is it that hard to believe that when we set out on motorcycle rallies that we’re really just out to validate our own principles?

Fuzzy, in her own words:

“I don’t know if these types of events do any good. People can barely concentrate on driving let alone wonder why they may see more motorcyclists than usual. Not to mention I highly doubt they go home and Google “why were there so many motorcycles on the road today.”

But on the flip side? It’s riding. And that is good.”


Well said, Fuzz. Readers, what do you think?