How To: KYMCO Venox Oil Change

What oil should I use and how do I change the oil on my motorcycle?

KYMCO recommends 5W-50 motorcycle oil. This chart illustrates what motorcycle oil you should use based on the temperature. What you use in the desert or tropics may not be what we use here in Canada. On my KYMCO Venox, I put in fresh Motul 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic motorcycle oil every oil change. The Synthetic vs. Non-Synthetic debate is older than I am and so I’ll avoid it. I like my Semi-Synthetic, it’s more than what’s recommended, and it’s good enough for me.

Before you drain your KYMCO Venox motorcycle oil make sure you have the necessary equipment. In the case of the Venox, we’ll need:

How-To: Drain oil on a KYMCO Venox?

Easy! Look under your Venox and you’ll find its oil drain bolt. Place your oil pan under to catch the oil, unscrew to open the oil tank (by your right foot while riding), then loosen the bolt with a socket wrench. Try not to let the drain bolt fall into the oil pan.

How-To: Change a KYMCO Venox oil filter?

KYMCO recommends changing the Venox’s oil filter every 12,000 kilometers (or 7,450 miles).

This is easy as well just be careful as there are a few small parts you don’t want falling in to your oil pan. Unscrewing the Filter Screen Bolt will let the bolt, the cover, the spring, the washer, and the old filter out.

For the obsessive-compulsive types, when the engine oil is done draining you can flush a little clean oil through to rinse things out, and lightly spread a little oil around the threads of the bolts to avoid seizing.
Now put it all back together. If you bought a new filter and it comes with a new washer and spring, replace any old pieces with the new ones. Once things are sealed under the bike, go back to the oil tank and pour in 2 litres of oil, or 2.2 litres if you changed the oil and filter on your KYMCO Venox.


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