Letter: Leslie & Lakeshore Motorcycle Meet

I’ve received an email from the property manager of the Price Choppers at Leslie and Lakeshore regarding the hundreds of motorcycles on the lot every Thursday night in Toronto, Canada.
If you’re a Toronto motorcyclist, please take a look.

Email from Debbie Twining

I am the property manager for 731 Eastern Avenue and am surprised by this website advising over 100 motorcyclists to our property. I have spoken to TimWen’s and they have never invited your group to TimWen’s every Thursday night. The Price Choppers property is private property and that means you have to have permission by the property owner to host an event. We also require proof of Insurance. That being said, we would like to work with your group as Tim’s sales are great each Thursday night. However, Price Choppers sales have declined drastically. I have been on site the past two Thursdays and last week was a very large group. There was no parking spaces in front of Price Choppers for their customers to park. Two bikes were parked in a handicap spot and other bikes were parked in the right of way. I spoke to many of the riders and discussed different options. We would like to see the bikes parked on Tim’s property only or on the north end, off Mosley Street/Eastern Avenue. The roadways & the parking spaces in front of Price Choppers must be kept clear at all times. Price Choppers closes at 10:00 pm not 9:00 pm as some of the riders told me. Can you please respond or call me to discuss in further detail. We would really like to work with your group to find a beneficial solution to all parties.

I sent a reply asking for permission to share her message and explaining that Thursday nights at Leslie and Lakeshore aren’t an organized event.

Reply from Debbie Twining

Hi Adrian

Thank you for responding. Whatever you can do to assist us with the bikes being parked on the north section of the property would be great. It is not acceptable to have the entire parking in front of the Price Choppers store being occupied by the bikes. There is absolutely no spaces left for Price Choppers customers (cars). They even park in the handicap spaces. Do you have an eblast email that goes to your members? If so can you send one today? Will you be there tonight? I will visit the site from 8:30 – 9:30 pm.
Please look out for me or call me at ….



I’m not about to tell anyone what to do or not to do, but riders, please make sure you have your paperwork up to date if you’ll be hanging out around Leslie and Lakeshore tonight.