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history of bacon

Letter of the Week: B

This week on YouMotorcycle was brought to you by the letter ‘B’.

B is for the three letter bike brands like BMW, BAF, BCR, BRP, BIM, BAT and BSA. It’s for biturbos, brake-pads, braided brake-lines and ball-bearings. For Benelli, Beta, Bimota, Buell and Bultaco. B is for the overcompensating Boss Hoss and the highly sought after Brough-Superior. It’s for the bacon that is brought home to pay for our addiction, Brembo brakes that save our bacon and the bacon and eggs that go down well before a long day’s ride.

history of bacon

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Happy Gilmore is a resident guest blogger at YouMotorcycle. He brings years of motorcycle industry experience and a dry sense of humour. Yes, humour, with a "u". Though sometimes known for his eccentricities, he's actually technically sound and knows his away around a motorcycle, inside and out.

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