Liberty Sport Switch Vision Lycan Magnetic Lens Motorcycle Glasses

Marci is the kind of friend everyone can appreciate. Marci has never needed me to help her move, or to open a stuck jar lid, or to get something out of her purse because her nails are drying. Marci never bothers me for anything, and whenever I do hear from her she always has a shiny, slick, innovative new accessory for me.

The goodies are always courtesy of Liberty Sport. Full disclosure: They give me products, and if I think their stuff is up-to-snuff and that other motorcyclists (you guys) would enjoy them, I write a review.

Let’s get a little more into detail.

I’m always skeptical of motorcycle sunglasses, and you should be too. I ride almost every single day. I’ve broken a lot of motorcycle sunglasses. On a long enough timeline, the two-piece construction of the temples of many low-end motorcycle sunglasses always break. It’s a problem that I consider similar to that of ear bud headphones: I use them daily, and no matter how well I look after them they always stop working on me.

We’ve reviewed three different lenses from Liberty Sport in the past (here, and here), and while they aren’t all seeing daily use, they are all holding up alright. The Switch Vision Lycan Lagoon style we just received look to be just as durable, but time will tell.


The style is a wrap around style that lends well to motorcycling. Motorcyclists will notice the lack of foam padding around the lenses which helps to keep dust out. Other extreme sport users will prefer the lack of foam as it allows more air to flow to avoid perspiration around the eyes.


The temples (named after  the part of your body they wrap around) are made of contoured hard plastic and are form fitted and comfortable. We had friends over, none of whom found the glasses too tight or uncomfortable. The bridge of the glasses over the nose is made of soft rubber which gives the motorcyclist additional comfort as well minimizes funny nose pad imprints on your skin after long rides.


The finish and build quality on the lenses is top notch. Thick hinges and color accents look sure to last. It’s encouraging to see the “Taiwan CE” marking. Unlike mainland China, the island of Taiwan has a solid reputation for quality manufacturing. The CE marking indicates that the glasses meet European standards.

Yes, Europe has standards for sport sunglasses.

The Real Wow-Factor

Generally when I receive products to review I send a confirmation of receiving the item and then I go silent for a month or few. The companies probably hate it, but I like to get a chance to really test out the product (and sometimes try to break it), before giving it my seal of approval.

In this case I emailed Marci back almost immediately. The frame offered something special which I haven’t touched on yet: the ability to change from clear lenses, to tinted lenses, to low light amber lenses, literally within seconds.

Here’s a simple video demonstration we made, showing you how you can change the lenses not once, but twice, in about twenty seconds:

Is It Worth The Cost?

There’s no beating around the bush, these are premium sunglasses and they come with a premium price. You can buy a pair of Oakley Sport Sunglasses within the same price range, but they’ll be a lot less functional. Currently the glasses go for $149 USD.

Is it worth the cost to you? Maybe. Is it worth the cost to someone looking for a pair of motorcycle shades in that price range? Yes. The build quality and the convenience is top notch and the durability of everything Liberty Sport’s Switch Vision has tossed our way hasn’t failed us yet.

Added Perks 

Prescription lenses available.

Huge assortment of lens colors: Polarized true color grey, polarized contrast amber, true color grey, green, yellow, rose amber with bronze gradient, rose red, amber orange, silver mirror, bronze mirror, and more.