Making Your Heart Race

What is it about motorcycles that gets your motor running? The look, the sound, the feeling? Which of your senses get best stimulated by these machines?

To those who love motorcycles deeply, there is usually one aspect of the machine that broadcasts its allure in advance of all others… For me, it is their sound that makes the heart race.
– Melissa Holbrook Pierson

For me, the feeling of a motorcycle’s vibration as the sun shines on my skin and the breeze is all around me as I ride down a country road at 70 MPH…

No, that’s not what does it for me.

It’s the feeling that comes after. It’s the feeling that comes after. When I survey myself and survey my surroundings. It’s that moment when I realize that so long as that engine stays running, so long as my feet stay off the ground, I haven’t a concern in the world.

That’s around the time when I realize there’s a huge smile on my face and I have no idea when it got there or how long it’s been there. And I don’t care to question it, and it doesn’t go away. I’m just moving forward, through the wind, under the sun, over the motor, smiling.