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Motorcycle Trailer Accessories You Need to Have

Motorcycle Trailer Accessories You Need – Towing Tuesdays!

A motorcycle is the ultimate escapemobile, and on it you will always be able to vanish at a moment’s notice. The right motorcycle trailer and motorcycle trailer accessories can help.

But let’s be honest. In this world time is a rare luxury. The week or two of vacation time your job allows you isn’t enough to ride all of the places you’d like to. Sure, you might have enough time to ride your motorcycle to your destination, but will you have enough time left to enjoy it before it’s time to turn around and head back home?

Whether you’ve been riding for ages or are brand new to motorcycling, a motorcycle trailer will let you get out further and bring a friend or few to share the driving. You’ll enjoy your motorcycle adventures that much more, together. So go ahead, take your bikes to some place new, set up a camp, see things you’ve never seen before, and spend the next few days on two wheels.

Here’s a list of everything you need to get you to your goals – and don’t let anyone say you won’t get there.

Port a Chopper Motorcycle Trailer

1 – The Right Trailer

First, let’s start with making sure you have the right trailer for your needs. Are you more concerned with space, or would you rather make sure you have enough trailer to haul two bikes at once? Do you need some combination of compactness and serious hauling capabilities? You’ve got this.

If space is your primary concern, you should check out the Port-A-Chopper™ Motorcycle Trailer. It’s a motorcycle trailer that can be built and taken apart in 15 minutes. All of the components fit in a hockey bag in the trunk of your car. That means you can pack up your bike and hit the road for your next adventure within an hour of deciding where to go.

Kendon Stand-Up -Dual Motorcycle Trailer

Ideally though, travelling with a friend is the dream, especially if said attractive friend can bring his or her motorcycle and split some of the driving with you. You can cover greater distances much faster, and when you do need it, having a motorcycle trailer big enough to haul two bikes will make you a local hero. Enter the Kendon® Stand-Up™ Dual Motorcycle Trailer. It comes out of the box with two wheel chocks and two rails designed for hauling two motorcycles simultaneously.

Adrian’s Tip on Small Spaces: If space is still a concern, the Kendon stand-up motorcycle trailer can shrink down in floor space by being folded over and standing up. In this position it takes up only a small footprint in your garage.

Ratcheting Straps

2 – Ratcheting Straps

Let’s assume you already have a trailer, or have been following our suggestions and building your own. You’re going to need some straps to hold your motorcycle down. Rule #1 in towing is never go cheap on your straps.

Straps typically come with two ratings: working load limit, and break strength. Working load limit is the safest maximum working load of a strap as designed by the manufacturer. You can exceed the working load limit, but it’s not recommended. The working load limits are typically well below the maximum break strength, which is maximum stress or pull a strap can take before breaking.

When buying straps, look for both the working load limit, as well as for the break strength. If only one number is given, this is probably the break strength. The manufacturer or seller may be trying to cover up what is really a weak strap. Always remember Rule #1 in towing, and never go cheap on your straps. Go for something clearly indicated and still affordable, like this 4-pack of 4-pack of 1,000 lb capacity ratchet straps for $26.99.

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