Motorcycling & The Beauty of Speed

What is it about speed that captivates the heart of a motorcyclist? The options are endless.

At speed our minds are clear. All of the stress and pressure we carry with throughout the days and years of our lives are lifted from our shoulders and left in the dust behind us. At speed a motorcylist is sharp and focused. Anxiety forgotten.

The world’s magnificence has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed.

All of the sensations are triggered at speed. Take a motorcycle out to do exactly what it was made for and it will reward you with a sound that will make your heart smile. A motorcycle’s engine sings rhythmically at a steady roar, between a choir of peaks and valleys as you roll your way through the gears and the engine revs. As you accelerate and travel faster the colors and things become blurry around the edges. You’re flying. Smells are quickly entering and leaving helmet. You’re not just a spectator in a case of steele and glass. You experience everything.

They say working out becomes an addiction to those who frequent the gym often. As a motorcyclist I understand. Extremes can cause our body to release dopamine. Working out, motorcycle riding, or shooting heroin have at least one thing in common: the dopamine fix. It’s that speed in motorcycling. That good feeling. That’s the dopamine fix. It’s a natural and beautiful high. And imagine how much more it would’ve been appreciated by people like Marinetti in 1909, who might’ve never imagined travelling so quickly, just a few decades earlier.

God bless the beauty of speed on a motorcycle.