New Orleans to New York City – Can You Help?

For the past ten months we’ve been sharing the story of leavinghomefunktion. A group of five artists who left East Germany on four Ural sidecar motorcycle rigs in 2014 with the goal of riding all around the world. We’ve seen them survive through winters camping outdoors, travel across roads that had been abandoned for decades, get ferried across flooded lands by locals, and cross the Road of Bones. We even saw them turn their Urals into amphibious motorcycle sidecar rigs on platoons capable of riding on water.

But now they need your help, and no, it won’t even cost you a dime.

The troupe has drawn out approximate plans for the very last leg of their travels. They’re riding from New Orleans, Louisiana to their final destination: New York City. The journey is almost complete, but they are once again traveling through the cold. If you live anywhere along the way and could offer some help to these riders, a place to stay, a couch to crash on, some shelter from the storm. Please let us know.

Here is where they’re at, in their own words:

After 2 years of riding our 4 Urals for 25.000+ miles all the way through Europe, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, Alaska and Canada we are finally getting closer to our final goal NYC!!!

The most interesting thing about our project is that it brings us into close contact with locals, get to a wider understanding of the regions that we’re going through and that we get to exchange our campfire stories :)

We prefer to stay away from touristy spots and motels so if there is anyone out there which happens to be on our route to NYC and who would like to offer us some warm shelter after our LOOOONG hours of driving in the cold you can contact us at:

Normally we camp out, i.e. we set up our tarp and our sheepskins and everything is fine and tra-la-la. But after having had snow pressing down our roof in New Mexico, and after getting shocked by the minus degrees in Texas we figure we cannot just rely on our camping skills all the time and that we need to reach out to some people along our way!

If you want to have a look at some of our adventures like building an Amphibious Vehicle and travelling on a 1000 mile river in the Far East of Russia (where Siberia ends) you can have a look at our website:

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