Review of – Online Dating for Bikers

Being a motorcyclist and being born and raised in Toronto are two things that define me. My friends could argue that a decade of wonderful relationships turned in to exceptional failures would be another defining point. So when I got a message from toronto-based motorcycle dating website I was all ears. After using the site for a few weeks here’s my review of

When googling for information or a review of you find a lot of people asking the same things: is the site real, is a scam, and are the people really active?

Well I can’t comment on whether or not the accounts are real, they may have been at some point, by and large all of the accounts out there seem to be highly in active. This was a sneaking suspicion I had from day one. Posts on forum included many threads from many people asking “Is anybody out there?” Many of the topics in these discussions boards were years old. I conducted a little more research from there. I sent messages to women introducing myself and explaining that I was a writer interested in asking whether not they had ever had any success meeting or using I sent over a dozen of these. No replies. The whole place is indeed a ghost town.

The fact that this website has affiliate offers is plain to see. That is to say when contacted me they weren’t interested in a published review they simply wanted me to join their affiliate program. That is to say they wanted me to refer people to their website and based on every paid signed up I would get a certain commission paid to me.

I am a firm believer of “try it before you sell it.” It wouldn’t have been right for me to recommend the site to my readers without having tried it first. So I did try it.

Everything is very simple and basic, as if the site was designed once, almost a decade ago, and left untouched since. The user base is very small and definitely inactive. You’ll be lucky to find another living, breathing person on here, let alone a date.

There are plenty of amazing motorcycle services based in Toronto, Canada – Studio Cycle Group, Moto Revere, etc. – as marketing graduate I recognize the need to help push these businesses and keep our industry alive. Unfortunately I will not be recommending, nor will I be joining their affiliate program.

Motorcyclist have enough to compete with on the road. We all lose when other riders start recommending second-tier options just to make a quick buck. That’s something I won’t be a part of.

Verdict: This is one oil spill you should probably stay clear of.

Sentencing: I sentence to the purgatory that is trying to find an active living user, located within 20 miles, on their website.

Comments: I hope you’ve enjoyed my very honest review of – Here’s a question for you:

How important to you is motorcycle riding, if/when looking for a new relationship?