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Review of Viking Bags V-Rod Solo Bag

Review: Viking Bags V-Rod Solo Bag


  • The Solo Bag does not work perfectly on V-Rods with mid-controls. Even at a slim 160 lbs, it was rubbing against the back of my leg and ankle.
  • The Solo Bag is noticeable when you put your foot down at a stop, for both forward and mid-control models.
  • The Solo Bag does not have a built in locking mechanism. It may be possible to use little suitcase locks though.
  • The Solo Bag is not waterproof and will take in some water if faced with freeway speeds/sideways rain for extended periods.


We can’t address value without addressing the competition, but at $99, this bag is going to be hard to touch. LaRosa brings on at least three solo bags for the V-Rod on Amazon, but their prices start at $150 and go up to $230. LaRosa is known for top quality leather, but the rustic charm of their bags may not match with the V-Rod’s power-cruiser feel. At $99, Viking Bags is bringing a strong value proposition to customers.

In conclusion...


As far as solo bags go, the Viking Bags seems right for the money. For $99, it’s a really cost-efficient way to add functionality to Harley-Davidson’s best performing family of motorcycles. This isn’t a do-all bag, nor is it a perfect bag. A solo bag by definition isn’t meant to be perfect. The Viking Bags V-Rod Solo Bag is easy to install, blends in seamlessly with your V-Rod, looks good, and is super convenient. In our opinion, the purchase is a no-brainer, unless you feel you may need something bigger.

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  1. A good thing! On my motorcycle is similar. It is installed simply and quickly. Now I keep some tools there. The bag is very comfortable. I recommend!

    Alex White

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