Sesame Street Sons of Anarchy Parody

I’ll only admit I grew up on Sesame Street and absolutely love watching their parodies on YouTube. Should I be embarrassed about that? I hope not, because I really, really, don’t feel any shame about this.

So there I was surfing around the net when I came across Sesame Street’s latest video, launched three days ago on August 5th, 2013. The video is called Sons of Poetry. It’s a Sons of Anarchy parody featuring a Muppet version of Jax, Bobby, Tigs, and Clay.

Apparently Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter was pretty touched by Sesame Street’s tip of the helmet to the Reaper Crew:

Don’t forget to sing along to the Sons of Poetry intro lyrics: Rhymin’ through this world, on a bike…

As for the Sons, Season 6 looks explosive. This trailer video shows Chibbs wearing the Vice President patch and taking a swipe at Juice, Tara in prison, and Clay in prison and being suspected of ratting out the club. This season looks hotter than a set of air cooled jugs:

Sons of Anarchy return for Season 6 on Tuesday September 10th at 10 PM on FX, but if you need something to fill the time between now and then be sure to watch the Sesame Street parody of the Karate Kid, as Cookie-San (played by Cookie Monster) trains to learn the ancient art of Biscotti-Karate: