The Call of the Road

Just because a blog isn’t participating in #29in29, doesn’t make it uncool. For motorcycle blogs which retell the planning and riding of some seriously long motorcycle road trips, a daily blog post just doesn’t make sense. MISSRIDER is one example (see: Woman Rides Her Motorcycle Alone Across The United States, and Female Motorcyclist Retells Travelling Across the USA).

Another site that doesn’t need to update to stay awesome? The Call of the Road. One of those ride of a lifetime stories, The Call of the Road tells the story of an 8 week, 9,000+ mile ride from Florida to Alaska. This week Circus Boy Nathan proudly showed his new adventure trailer video. Catch it here.

To those geographically-challenged, Florida to Alaska takes you from the Sunshine State, one of hottest parts of North America, to the Last Frontier that gave rise to Sarah “I-Shoot-Animals-From-A-Helicopter” Palin. The blog hasn’t been updated since 2009, but its a classic.

The site uses a variety of multimedia including blog posts, image galleries, podcasts, and videos. The reports and interesting and the scenery will leave you green with envy. Visit The Call of the Road. Check out other road trips and motorcycle adventures on YouMotorcycle.