The Road to Bonneville is Paved by Cool People

Almost exactly one year ago we published a post about Kelly Rogers and Hellcat Customs, a small, Arizona-based custom motorcycle builder out to make history. The fiery pink hair’d motorcyclist and the rest of the Hellcat Customs crew were headed to the Bonneville salt flats on a mission: they wanted to set a new turbo sidecar landspeed record. We’re proud to congratulate Kelly and the Hellcat Customs folks, because not long after their post on YouMotorcycle they made it to Bonneville and got their names written in the history books. Way to go guys!

The people going out and living their dreams, our modern day Burt Monros, they’re every day folk like us. Normal people with a twist: they dare to dream. Their dreams may sound crazy to some people, but as motorcyclists, we respect them. Take Scott Kolb for example. Scott’s been working on a 125cc motorcycle for the past seven years. His goal: to be the first person to take a 125cc motorcycle up to 200 miles per hour.

200 miles. That’s 321 kilometers. The fastest I’ve ever seen a 125cc motorcycle go is about 140 km/hr (87 mph). That’s less than half. Scott Kolb’s mission is to take a 125cc motorcycle and make it go two and a third times faster than it’s meant to. Flashback to the World’s Fastest Indian, anyone?

Many of us can’t fathom hitting 200 miles per hour. Doing it on a 125cc motorcycle of all things seems ridiculous, especially when we consider a $400 Honda lawnmower uses a 160cc motor and a $400 Mastercraft generator uses a 220cc motor. Obviously there’s a lot of tuning and custom fabrication going into all aspects of the build.

Somewhere over Scott’s shoulder is a camera and a crew set to shoot a documentary about Scott’s pursuit, about his never giving up, about what it takes to set a land speed record. See the trailer below.

If you’d like to help support the team you can make a donation on their indiegogo campaign, though I’m waiting on clarification as to whether the funds are going towards Scott Kolb’s build or the documentary being filmed.

Also make sure you check out our friends, Kelly Rogers,  Hellcat Customs, and their gofundme campaign for a new land speed record.