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Queen Elizabeth Hates You

The Sunday “What’s Good?”

A round-up of some fun motorcycle and not motorcycle content I’ve come across this week. We’re gonna feed you til you explode all over the wall, and you’re gonna like it.

First off you’ll have to forgive me if this post is a little light on motorcycle content. I’m battling a cold and there are a series of strangers coming in and out of my home all weekend long. I listed it for sale in order to buy a house fit for motorcycling.

Who ARE These Wives That “Let” Their Husbands Ride Motorcycles?! – Preacher Galore’s Sermon on Couples

I’ve always said Fuzzygalore is one of the best motorcycle blogs out there. This week Fuzzy hit the nail right on the head once again. Her post Who ARE These Wives That “Let” Their Husbands Ride Motorcycles?! is about some of the bad tendencies many couples have. Control issues which translate into cold shoulders and ultimatums. “You can’t spend the weekend riding with your friends, they’re animals.” or “You can’t buy those shoes, you already have more money in shoes than I have in my bike!”

If you and your partner can’t see eye on what is or isn’t acceptable in the relationship out of your own free will, maybe it’s time to rethink that partnership. I’ve never told my girlfriend she can’t do something. Last year she and her friends packed their bags and went to Disney Land for a week. There had been no asking of consent, nor did there need to be. Being a lover or a spouse does not give you permission to be a dictator.  If I needed to give her permission, or vice-versa, she wouldn’t be my girlfriend.

You can read Fuzzy’s opinion here.

God Save the Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah asked her Facebook fans to share a picture of something that makes them smile. She later shared a picture of her royal majesty riding her Suzuki GSX-R.

Queen Latifah Suzuki GSX-R

Sure, she’s not a real Queen, but given the choice between saluting a sister on a motorcycle and Mrs. Doubtfire in a posh hat, the GSX-R wins.

Queen Elizabeth Hates You

Last but not least, if you’re wondering why this is called the Sunday What’s Good, I’ll tell ya. It’s a remake of Disney’s Beauty in the Beast song about Belle. It’s called Beauty and the Beat. It has absolutely nothing to do with motorcycles, but if you’ve made it this far you’re probably bored, and this is entertaining and blog-worthy:

That’s it. It’s the weekend. Go accomplish something or check out the home page for the latest and greatest.

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