Top 10 Motorcycle Stunt Bike Mods

Motorcycle stunt bikes are like an undead version of their former supersport selves. Mutated, mutilated, and deprecated, the stunt bike is sometimes a rattier version of what it used to be… other times, it’s a much meaner, grittier, and sharper machine. The stunt bikes are as unique as their individual riders. The modifications are as bold as his or her’s courage (and bank account) allow.

There are 10 key modifications stunters seem to agree on when it comes to what your bike needs to help you live up to your full potential, and we’ve got them here.

1) The Crash Cage – Spills happen. Often. You can save yourself a lot of damage with a good aftermarket or custom-made crash cage. They aren’t cheap, but they can pay for themelves sooner than you might think.

2) Tires, Wheels & Brakes – This trinity can be either heavenly or hellish, depending on your setup. You’re going to need parts that are up to what you demand of them in terms of grip, spin, and stopping power.

3) Oversized Rear Sprocket – Adding plenty of extra teeth to your motorcycle’s rear sprocket gives your stunting machine the extra bite it needs to make catwalking a breeze.

4) Modified Rear Seat or Cover – You’ve got your wheelie going, now what? A modified rear seat or cover gives you somewhere to put your feet for when you really want to be standing tall.

5) Flat Top Gas Tank – Don’t let that big clunker get in your way. Hit it repeatedly with a hammer, or, if you’ve got cash to burn, get a custom made or aftermarket tank.

More tomorrow. I’m tired!