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Top 7 Best Apps for Motorcyclists


2: Trapster

Why take the gloss off your ride with annoying speeding fines when you could spend that money on something much more fun? With Trapster you’ll never be taken unawares by a speed trap or camera again. The app logs the location of over 6 million cameras and similar speed-tracking measures worldwide and gives the rider advanced warning when they are approaching any one of them. Save yourself frustration and cash so you can focus on the important task at hand – enjoying the ride.

The bonus benefits of Trapster for motorcyclists are that people also report things like construction sites, lanes restricted, accidents, red light cameras, and more. These not only help keep you safe from fines, but they can keep you safe from traffic jams, but they keep you safe from potential road hazards and unpleasant riding conditions as well.

Are you excited yet? It’s time for our #1 motorcycle app!

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  1. be really nice to know where to GET those apps

  2. Do these apps have names ?

  3. Why are there no links to the App Store listings, directly?

  4. Like everyone else ..why don’t you just tell us up front where these apps are with a direct link to them. Then you wouldn’t get the same question all the time…WHERE ARE THE APPS????

  5. all weather rider

    stupid apps, how about something that can be used by a motorcyclist that rides. really I need an app to tell me if it is going to rain, best roads. what ever happened to using your brain.

    • I use the MyRadar app which shows location, strength and direction of approaching storms. It lays the storms over a map of North America and the colors within the storms show the intensity. It’s like the weather on TV, but far more detailed and with multiple layers I haven’t had the need to figure out yet. Jefe

  6. It’s unfortunate that the Youmotorcycle app is not compatible with my IPad. Would be nice to have.

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  8. Do you know Rain Driver Android app?

  9. Wow. Sure alot of negative comments and ignorant questions. I’m guessing some of these riders hadn’t protected their heads enough from bug smacks. Anyone with common sense and a current mobile phone knows how to search and pull apps. If you don’t, ask your grandkids. If you don’t have grandkids, search for your phones How To tutorials on the internet. You do know what the internet is, don’t you? YouMotorcycle, I appreciate the apps you provided and the work it took to research and post them.Thank you,

  10. I’m blonde and I figured it out !!!

  11. Top 7 Best #Apps for #Motorcyclists – https://t.co/aXhssydm84 via @YouMotorcycle

  12. RT @McGrawInsurance: Top 7 Best #Apps for #Motorcyclists – https://t.co/aXhssydm84 via @YouMotorcycle

  13. RT @McGrawInsurance: Top 7 Best #Apps for #Motorcyclists – https://t.co/aXhssydm84 via @YouMotorcycle

  14. RT @McGrawInsurance: Top 7 Best #Apps for #Motorcyclists – https://t.co/aXhssydm84 via @YouMotorcycle

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  16. Thanks for sharing! In this age of smartphones apps becoming our planning partner in our daily activities. App market for motorcyclist is a hot requirement these days, eager to see more apps in future.

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  18. To any app developers out there. I’m about to change the paint job on my bike from the POW scheme to something different. I figured there was an app for that. You know, upload a pic of my bike, probably from multiple angles and then let me customize a new paint scheme. You could incorporate incorporate common decals and paint jobs, and even have a place to swap out original parts with popular aftermarket parts like forced air intakes, horn covers, and even handlebars. Three app could even work with cars and trucks. A well designed shop like that, if pay top dollar for. It would save me dip much time and hassle. Of your anything like me and the group I ride with, there isn’t anything we like more than personalizing our bikes.

    • Hi Donnie, this is actually pretty easy to do on photoshop. Here’s a tutorial on how to change your motorcycle’s color in photoshop. If you don’t have photoshop or can’t be bothered, consider posting a job on Fiver.com, a website where people can hire someone to do work for them for $5. You can post a picture of your motorcycle along with a job description like “photoshop my bike red” and someone will do the work for you.

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