Toronto Destinations: How to Kill a Comedian

If you’re looking for a motorcycle destination in Toronto, we recommend you check out Second City’s How to Kill a Comedian.

How exactly do you kill a comedian? You shut them up. And in an era where the bounds of free speech are being tested by violence, governments and celebrity scandals, it’s harder than ever to say what you really mean. In response, our cast of six writer-performers take a laugh-out-loud satirical look at free expression, privilege, sexism, the media and whether it’s still okay to love The Cosby Show.

With shows six days a week, you have no excuse not to make it. Expect a more grown up crowd than the hipster or jock and sorority-esque gatherings you find at other comedy clubs, which is great because you’ll be sharing a table with strangers. Don’t expect anything more than finger foods, but you’ll find a great selection of drinks. Not that we recommend mixing drinking and comedy.

If you and your riding crew have a sense of humor, can take a joke, and want a downtown destination at $25 tickets, think about checking this out. Leave your attitude at home and come with a smile. You might just laugh your ass off, and your riding clique will have inside jokes for weeks to follow.