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Vespa Choppers

vespa chopperAt first thought, Vespas and choppers seem to have little in common. Choppers are ludicrous, oversized, exagerated monstrosities. Scooters are cute, fuzzy, small displacement and lightweight little machines. Despite their differences, both scooters and choppers rose to popularity following World War II. The history of war vets having returned home and began stripping and customizing their motorcycles is well documented. Likewise, today’s pop culture image of the scooter is the evolution of a 1940s Cushman design.

It wouldn’t be long before counter culture and popular culture flirted. Did good corrupt evil, or did evil see the light? Have a look at these rare Vespa Choppers from an era gone by and decide.

vespa chopper

vespa chopper2

vespa chopper5

vespa chopper4

vespa chopper

vespa chopper3

These pictures were taken in the back of Studio Cycle Group, a motorcycle dealer in Toronto. The two scooters were not in the best of shape. Tires were flat, rust was forming, but seeing them in preson was an experience. These old scoots were symbolic of their era. They were a statement: Extended forks, no suspension, flake and flames, and all of those other custom touches aren’t just for big twins. If these scoots can do it, so can everyone else.

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