What’s Wrong With This Advertisement?

It seems like motorcycles, pretty women, and advertisements all go hand in hand. It can be downright misleading for the untrained who would easily be led to believe that every woman riding a motorcycle is rocking a 36-24-36 body, if they trusted the advertisements. Companies are slowly understanding the role of women in their advertisements can either make or break a campaign. Very slowly indeed.

I once wrote a post about  Sleazy Motorcycle Ads which looked at marketing material from a handful of companies, and their depictions of women. In my opinion only one advertisement really shined:

To some Nina’s the cute girl next door on her motorcycle who doesn’t need sexual undertones to deliver a message. To the ATGATT freaks, Nina is sheer scum and will burn in hell for posing on a motorcycle helmetless. We all know what part of the human body opinions are most like.

When it comes to marketing and motorcycles, I thought trying to use sex to sell was my only pet peeve. I found a new one. Take a look at this and let me know in the comments… What’s Wrong With This Advertisement?

Can you find the fail? Leave a comment!