Why Kevlar Is The Most Awesome Fabric On Earth

Kevlar is a synthetic fiber developed by DuPont, which is a high strength material used in product like ropes, racing sails and body armor. It can withstand high impacts and can stop bullets when used for body armor. Its comes from its internal structure and strong bonds that can endure many hours of rough use. Kevlar is most commonly identified as the body armor readily available to military and security forces as well as to the public.

What is Kevlar?

DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber is used to make material safer and cut resistant, it is extremely light weight and 5 times tougher than steel on a weight-ratio basis. Kevlar has helped to save lives around the world as a preferred in stab-resistant body armor. DuPont has been producing Kevlar for 40 years and continuous research helps them to develop new products optimized for different purposes including for motorcycle and vehicle use as well as for clothing.

How is Kevlar Produced?

Kevlar is synthesized in a solution from para-phenylenediamine and terephthaloyl chloride. The production is expensive as the polymer in the solution needs to be kept in solution form during the synthesis. Several types of Kevlar can be made and are categorized by their strength like Kevlar K-29 and Kevlar XP. Kevlar’s potency comes from its strong bonding structure and strong molecular properties.

Where is It Applied?

The application of Kevlar is vast, from protection to sports equipment, to power sports (motorcycle) equipment and even music! Other uses include frying pans, generation of electricity, smartphones, brakes, and building construction. Kevlar gloves and jackets protect against cuts and high intensity heat and can prevent punctures to tires used in bicycles as well as to road rash from motorcycle accidents. Kevlar can produce good acoustic sounds and so is used in making drumheads and woodwind reeds improving the sound quality and durability at the same time. In military equipments, the frequent use of body armor and helmet has been effective only because of Kevlar’s reduced stitching requirements and hard armor technology.  It is even used as an upholtery in some military vehicles.

What’s New From DuPont?

DuPont Kevlar is known for its anti-stab and anti-spike fabric and for the new addition in the family of Kevlar; the DuPont Kevlar XP S104 has reduced back-face deformation and enhanced bullet-stopping power combined with water repellency. This makes the new Kevlar S104 durable in underwater equipment which can be optimized with clothing that are frequently used in the tropical climate areas and other challenging wet environments.

This mysterious super fiber can do wonders for its users and literally saves lives. It is a must-have product when it comes to saving yourself from cuts and heat in extreme working conditions or accidents. It’s not easy to afford Kevlar fabric products, the price of the fabric is calculated according to its weight and a gram of Kevlar can cost around fifty cents to one dollar. You can buy spools of Kevlar threads and use them to knit vests and fabric making them strong and reliable.