Why Tara Was Killed in Sons of Anarchy

Tara Knowles was one of the most beloved characters on Sons of Anarchy for many seasons. We fell for Tara Knowles from the very first season just as quickly as Jax did for his old high school love, and for good reason. The good doctor was an über sweetheart, a lifesaver, and on occasion she could be one bad ass chick too. Little by little their marriage, and our own relationship with Tara would begin to slip. Things got progressively worse. By the late half of season six of Sons of Anarchy, one thing became apparent: Tara Knowles Had to Die.

Some people have a hard time understanding that. Likely still in shock, “G” didn’t understand it when I said that to her, but it really was true. Tara Had to Be Killed, and here’s why:

1) Tara was a loose cannon and a threat to the motorcycle club. Jax himself said at the table that if it came down to Tara either making the deal or meeting Mr. Crow, the club would “do what we need to do.”

2) Tara was a threat to, and made an enemy of Gemma. She was a flight risk for many seasons by now. Tara had always been talking and plotting and threatening to take Jax and his children (Thomas and Abel Teller) away from Charming, Gemma  (masterfully played by Katey Sagal), and the club. Let’s not forget Tara did all she could to try to expose Gemma’s role in John Teller’s murder. If you’re going to mess with the matriarch you better be sure of yourself.

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3) Tara would stop at nothing and could no longer be trusted. Tara’s real act of treason wasn’t her turning rat. Her real act of treason was her pregnancy lie to Jax and the club. She made her husband Jax, the club president, believe that she was pregnant with his child. She used that trust Jax had in her against him when she faked the death of her make-believe child and made Jax believe that his mother was responsible. She not only lied to everyone twice, but used her deceit to try to manipulate her husband and the club. Tara drove herself out of the club’s favor and trust.

4) Tara’s impatience made her a hypocrite. Tara lost faith in Jax wanting to take the club out of guns. She didn’t give him enough time to let him fully complete his plan. Instead Tara, once the quientessential sweetheart, lamented her husband’s choice of lifestyle. Tara worried that Jax’s decisions would leave her children fatherles but ultimately it was her own choices that would lead to the children being motherless. By the end of season six, Jax had lay the foundation necessary to take the Sons of Anarchy out of the gun running business, but Tara couldn’t wait.

Tara was splendid. Jax’s high school sweetheart was the prodigal daughter of Charming, and Jax was the prodigal son of the Sons of Anarchy. Together they were a perfect fit. Tara saved lives and performed miracles for the club, but her death shouldn’t be taken as a surprise. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. With her choices and actions Tara damned herself to the line of fire. Would you have done anything different in her position? Maybe. Maybe Not. Based on her actions Dr. Tara Knowles had become likely to meet the Men of Mayhem sooner or later.

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