Wood Motorcycle – Hand Carved Art on Wheels

Every now and then you come up on something amazing in the online classifieds. Generally I don’t look twice at a $30,000 item as I’m scrolling through the motorcycle pages, but in this case I stopped and feasted my eyes on a beautiful and one of a kind piece of artwork.

Not only a motorcycle made of wood, but an absolutely exquisite piece of artwork.

The story goes that a talented wood carver from the northern coasts of Russia had always dreamed of making wooden motorcycles. He had over ten years of experience carving wood and throughout his career he would often talk about this grand idea of his…

A motorcycle made of wood.

The dream may never realized had it not been for the ears of the wood carver’s wife. Tired of hearing her husband repeating his plan to make a wood motorcycle over and over she finally had enough. The wife told her husband to just go ahead and make it.

What happened next was over 800 hours of labor. Even more impressive, the motorcycle was made without a single sketch. This shows not only the dedication of the craftsman but his vision and talent as well.

The motorcycle was crafted from Siberian birch and oak. Most of the parts, such as the gas tank and the rims were replaced with wood. The wood carver named the motorcycle sculpture “My Lady” as a tribute to his wife for motivating him to finally complete his dream.

Here’s a link to the advertisement:

What do you think?

Is the hand-carved wood motorcycle sculpture worth $30,000? How much would you pay to have this in your entrance, living room, or garage?