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I Miss My Harley

10 Things I Don’t Miss About My Harley

Don't Miss YouIf you read 10 Things I Miss About My Harley, you know that at 22 years old I was on top of the world. My father had been off of chemotherapy for almost year and life was grand. After endless months of research and shopping around I carefully selected a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to celebrate all that was good in life.

As it turned out, I sold that bike less than a year later. There’s a pair of gloves full of reasons why. Here are 10 things I won’t miss about it.

    1. sportster garageA repair quote of $700 from Harley-Davidson Toronto, but don’t worry, I fixed it myself for $20 and a six pack of Miller.
    2. Sometimes air cooled engines are great, and sometimes you live in the most densely populated city in the country.
    3. A growing suspicion that the rear suspension on my 2007 Sportster was in all likelihood on par with that of a 1957 Sportster.
    4. An accessories catalog the size of telephone book quickly becomes something like a crack habit, but worse. Put the credit card down or BikerPup gets it!
    5. Incessant blabbering of contemptious BMW riders. Shut it, Snobby Sally. Put your callus-free hands back on your heated grips and self-piloted robo-bike before you pull out your Gerbing’s cable.
    6. So much chrome I had to hire the kid next door to start washing the bike at night so it would be ready to go in time for morning.
    7. Waking up the neighbours I actually liked. Sorry!
    8. Indecent proposals from older – sometimes sun-dried-tomato-looking – women, with hopes of reliving their glory days with me and a ride on my Harley.

    9. “Thanks. Yes, it’s a Harley. No, your kid can’t sit on it. Because it’s a burning hazard. Yes, I’m serious. Just buy your own.”
    10. A stock seat that felt every shake from the EVO engine was something the university girls seemed to never grow tired of, but my back side sure did.

If you found this interesting, let me know what you think/thought of your Harley in the comments, and go ahead and take a look at 10 Things I Miss About My Harley – it wasn’t all bad!

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