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Motorcycle Cruiser Buyers Guide

2013 Cruiser Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Pics for 2013

Motorcycle Cruiser Buyers Guide

2013 has brought back many existing cruisers and a couple new ones, some more exciting than others. YouMotorcycle is an against the grain website that’s more about motorcycling and lifestyle than about motorcycles, but here’s an Editor’s Choice list of the top 5 cruiser motorcycles for 2013.

Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

What would a cruiser buyer’s guide be without a Harley-Davidson? To be honest, V-Rod aside, the Street Bob Wide Glide is the only current Harley-Davidson motorcycle that still appeals to me.

The Wide Glide boasts a 1,691cc / 103 ci 45 degree V-Twin for the full potato-potato rumble. I particularly dig the powerplant’s black tone, bobbed rear fender, and the sky’s-the-limit aftermarket customization options. Of course the Wide Glide comes equipped with belt drive, and we appreciate the LED brake lights and signals, but at a $17,029 MSRP it damn well should.

2013 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700

The biggest beast in our top 5 cruiser motorcycle stable, the Vulcan 1700’s base price has an appealing $12,999 MSRP. That’s a big bang-per-buck value over the Wide Glide.

The base model Vulcan comes liquid cooled and fuel-injected. Other higher-end models (Voyager, Vaquero) come with ABS and hard bags. This means the Vulcan 1700 classic has plenty of room for upgrade options, whether you’re the type who really wants to get out ride, or just the type with money to burn (in which case sponsor us).

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Classic

Suzuki Boulevard M50

This muscle cruiser oozes cool. Bobbed rear end, long slash cut exhausts, inverted forks, and for the most part a quality finish.

Looks aside, Suzuki’s Boulevard M50 is an exceptionally handling machine, for a cruiser. It’s unintimidating and can scrape pegs well through corners, if that’s your thing. The electronic fuel-injection and liquid cooling are part of a bullet proof engine that Suzuki has been engineering and improving for decades. The only question is when the M50 will get a sixth gear to match its power cruiser styling with its speed demon looks. The  answer is probably never, but at $8,999 this cruiser still gets highway cruising done just fine.

Suzuki Boulevard M50

Triumph Speedmaster

Go ahead and say it. I know what you’re thinking. It isn’t a $20,000 Steve McQueen edition Bonneville. Let’s face it, motorcyclists, the Great Escape came out in 1963. That was 50 years ago, get over it people! Start by taking a look at the 2013 Triumph Speedmaster. It has cool hot-rod looks, a blacked out motor and alloy rims, drag style handlebar, and a black and chrome accented headlight. if Triumph’s America isn’t your style, don’t worry, the Speedmaster might tickle your pickle.

This year Triumph has decreased the Speedmaster’s wheelbase. It remains priced relatively close to Suzuki’s Boulevard M50 at $9,299 (versus $8,999 for the Japanese cruiser). The British counterpart boasts an extra 60cc in an air cooled but fuel injected parallel twin engine. Unlike the Suzuki, Triumph thinks highly enough of the mid-size cruiser market to equip the Speedmaster with a rear disk brake. Thanks, Triumph!

Triumph Speedmaster

Yamaha Stryker

Sometimes I’m worried my passion for motorcycles peaked in 2011. At the time the Stryker was a new, hot, radical thing, in a not-quite-Honda-Fury-but-maybe-even-better kind of way. The reality is that as much as I’d like for Yamaha to update this model, I’m not getting my hopes up.

I have to wonder just how many Stryker’s Yamaha is selling. Either this bike is sold in large numbers, predominantly to people looking for a garage queen motorcycle, or they just don’t move too many units around these parts. Either way it’s a real shame. The Stryker is a good cruiser with some good components, not limited to a long 68.9″ wheelbase, stretched out teardrop 15 litre gas tank, 1304 cc / 80 ci liquid cooled electronic fuel injected 60 degree v-twin powerplant with 4 valves per cylinder. More than that though, the Yamaha claims the Stryker gets 48 mpg, and 25,000 km valve clearance intervals. Chopper-inspired styling with a practical touch and an MSRP of $12,599.

Yamaha Stryker

There are plenty of great cruisers on the market this year, but whatever you get, just make sure it’s not on our list of The Worst Motorcycles of 2013.

Adrian S.

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