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#29in29 Week 1 Favorites

29in29There are 15 motorcycle blogs/sites participating in FuzzyGalore’s #29in29 Challenge, that is, post a new picture a day, for the 29 days of February. It’s harder than it sounds, and looks better than you’d expect.
Here are my favorite day of the week from all of the participating sites:

Week 1 Picks

AppalachianAppalachian Tours
Sun. Feb 5th, 2012

“Size Matters”

Why? Full size helmet, small size bike. Let’s not kid ourselves, we’d rock it too.

Tagline: My wife says it’s what you do with it that counts.



Bandit RiderBandit Rider
Tues. Feb 7th, 2012


Why? Most riders fall and look over their shoulders thinking “I hope nobody saw that!” Bandit Rider falls and posts it on the internet.

Tagline: Making “light” of riding.



Bluekat's JourneysBluekat’s Journeys
Fri. Feb 3rd, 2012


Why? First off, that Nighthawk is one beautiful bike! Second, the last picture in the same post is a great runner-up.

Tagline: Divided we fall, united we lean.



Find Me On The RoadFind Me On The Road
Sun. Feb 5th, 2012

“A matter of perspective”

Why? It seems like every moto-journalist or photographer is taking a picture of their reflection in a motorcycle mirror these days. Enough already! The back of the mirror is something different, A+.

Tagline: A pic of epic proportions.


Girlie Motorcycle Blog | FuzzygaloreGirlie Motorcycle Blog | FuzzyGalore
Tues. Feb 7th, 2012

“Freedom Tower rising on New Year’s Day”

Why? Fuzzy captured so many elements of riding this week: the social scene, the messing around off bike, the romantic side, the friendly critters we meet along the way… but this pic touched closest to home for me: Sunshine through skyline, riding through the city.

Tagline: Freedom Tower meets Freedom Machine.


Karina JeanKarina Jean
Fri. Feb 3rd, 2012

“Eleven states in eleven days”

Why? When you can’t ride, the next best thing is making plans for when you can, or reading about the adventures of others who have. Karina Jean shares her entire trip and all of her lessons learned along the way.

Tagline: Riding vicariously through her.


Lean OffLean Off
Fri. Feb 3rd, 2012

“Bringin’ my stuff”

Why? Sometimes an orange box is all it takes to be interesting.

Tagline: F*** me sideways. Fill me, I said.



Northwest ExploreNorthwest Explore
Tue. Feb 7th, 2012

“Interview with Rachel from Fuzzygalore.com”

Why? This story has all of the tell-tale reasons why Rachel is pure class and a great motorcyclist. If you follow any of the sites on this page you’ll probably enjoy Fuzz’s anecdotes and adventures. Looking forward to more from Northwest Explore.

Tagline: Everything you say can be used against you!


Princess ScooterpiePrincess Scooterpie
Thu. Feb 2nd, 2012

“Big Blue – The Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria”

Why? I like MotoDiva’s little updates with her progress from learner to rider. This latest pic was a cute one. Keep it up, Dar!

Tagline: Big blue and little blue.


Stay On The GasStay On The Gas
Sat. Feb 4th, 2012

“The Almost Trusty Seed”

Why? Who hasn’t had a love and hate relationship with their bike at some point? A lot of people think you get what you pay for. So what happens when you pay top dollar and get headaches?

Tagline: I love you, I hate you.


Trobairitz Tablet

Trobairitz’ Tablet
Sun. Feb 5th, 2012

“Max is a dirty dirty boy”

Why? I’m a sucker for motorcycle riding, the world’s greatest outdoor sport. Anyone can ride in circles around a track, but I long for that interaction with nature. Nothing says flying through the air of the great outdoors quite like bug guts, a fundamental part of every motorcycle journey. If your motorcycle isn’t litered in bug guts, you’re doing it all wrong.

Tagline: *SPLAT*, that’s the sound of freedom.

Troubadour Triumph

Troubadour on a Tiger
Fri. Feb 3rd, 2012

“Three Sisters Mountains”

Why? Something about three sisters, a Tiger, and the sun set. Queue the boom chicka wah wah tunes.

Tagline: Every list needs its cheesy romantic entry.



Wet Coast Scootin

Wet Coast Scootin
Sat. Feb 4th, 2012


Why? Great variety of scooters. Own a KYMCO Venox and love the KYMCO Super 9 and Bet&Win 250 in the pic.

Tagline: It’s more fun with friends.




Sat. Feb 4th, 2012

“Vespa Choppers”

Why? From an era when choppers were still a sign of counter-culture and not the mainstream idea they are today, and when today’s “vintage” Vespas were actually new machines. The “Vespa Choppers” post was the experience of a tiny little motorcycle niche from decades gone by.

Tagline: If Paul Teutul Sr. and the Power Puff Girls had a baby… and it wasn’t Mickey.

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