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#29in29 Week 2 Favorites

29in29If you didn’t already know, super-motocycle-Girlie FuzzyGalore issued a challenge to 15 of the best motorcycle websites on planet earth. The challenge is to post a new picture each day of February, 2012. Some call it #29in29, I call it hell!

Give the devil his due and see the best posts of Week 2 of the challenge right here!

Week 2 Picks

AppalachianAppalachian Tours
Tues. Feb 14th, 2012

“Mooooving Right Along…”

Why? Because it’s a trainwreck on two wheels: you can’t help but stare.

Tagline: Out with the hogs, in with the cattle.



Bandit RiderBandit Rider
Sun. Feb 12th, 2012

“New ‘nakite”

Why? Bandit Rider says words I don’t always understand, but there’s something universally awesome about a kid in a top case that doesn’t get lost in translation.

Tagline: Did you really think it was a stork that brought the babies home?


Bluekat's JourneysBluekat’s Journeys
Sun. Feb 12th, 2012

“My First Motorcycle”

Why? Bluekat once again shows a keen taste in bikes. She’s right, that old VN-500 wasn’t much of a looker, but that engine outmuscles any current cruiser up to 750 cc with ease.

Tagline: It only fired on one cylinder, because that’s all it needed to.


Find Me On The RoadFind Me On The Road
Sun. Feb 12th, 2012

“Vision Limited: Road Seen Through Visor”

Why? Last week I complimented FMOTR on what I called a pic of epic proportion. This week I’m digging that same idea of perspective. +1 for visor up riding in the rain. The faster you go, the more it hurts the face, but it works!

Tagline: If a motorcyclist is alone riding through a forest, and he or she can’t see @#$%, is @#$% more or less likely to happen? 

Girlie Motorcycle Blog | FuzzygaloreGirlie Motorcycle Blog | FuzzyGalore
Wed. Feb 8th, 2012

“This is the Coolest Motorcycle Chick I Know”

Why? Maybe my mother didn’t hug me enough as a child (likely). Maybe it’s the lack or support (damn-near-disowning) when I started to riding as a teenager. Whatever it is, “the Fuzz’s” family posts always warm my little heart.

Tagline: If a mama bear and a mama biker got into a fight to save their babies, Fuzzygalore would slaughter that poor Grizzly.

Karina JeanKarina Jean
Fri. Feb 10th, 2012

“Things I’ve Started to do Because of Motorcycling”

Why? If I can’t care less about your picture, but read your post anyway and end up loving it, you’re doing something right. I wouldn’t even begin to list the things I’ve started to do because of motorcycling, but I love the idea of trying to!

Tagline: She made me want to be a better person. My bike, not my ex.


Lean Off

Only posted twice in Week 2. Neither particularly tickled my fancy, so…

Northwest ExploreNorthwest Explore
Thu. Feb 9th, 2012

“Making Friends with Frogs”

Why? I also looked forward to seeing NWX. These guys just strike me as a fun bunch who genuinely love motorcycling. They lost brownie points when I saw their posts don’t have dates, making a best-of-the-week list a little difficult. Grumble grumble! Luckily, I found this adorable frog on one of their motorcycles and it pacified my rage.

Tagline: Kermit just saved your lives.

Princess ScooterpiePrincess Scooterpie
Thu. Feb 9th, 2012

“Wiarton Willie may be right! Love that rodent!”

Why? I like tuning in to the MotoDiva show and seeing what the princess is up to this week. The invisible woman made me giggle, but this post had a lot of pics I really liked and was overall great. Big positive attitude, positive message, a lot of excitement. SPRING!

Tagline: If motorcycling was an illness, she’d have it.


Stay On The GasStay On The Gas
Sun. Feb 12th, 2012

“A Yeti is Caught on Film!”

Why? I was starting to really like SOTG, until I realized they made too many good posts this week and I couldn’t pick a favorite. Decided on this one. Tagline says it all.

Tagline: It’s called FUN – the more you ride, the more of it you have.


Trobairitz Tablet

Trobairitz’ Tablet
Wed. Feb 8th, 2012


Why? I struggle with the names of this blog and the next one. It must be a conspiracy, or just some crazy Triumph thing. Either way, this was cute.

Tagline: Machines need snuggling too.


Troubadour Triumph

Troubadour on a Tiger
Fri. Feb 10th, 2012

“1976 Kawasaki KZ900 LTD”

Why? I almost bought a KZ-600 (or 650?) a while back. I’m glad I didn’t. This bike is much cleaner and I would’ve been jealous. What a beauty!

Tagline: Of all the Triumph pics, he chose a Kawi.


Wet Coast Scootin

Wet Coast Scootin
Thu. Feb 9th, 2012


Why? Downtown shot. Bike all bagged up and ready for the road. This hits really close to home.

Tagline: Bags, camera, action!




Fri. Feb 10th, 2012

“10 Ways to Find a Job in the Motorcycle Industry”

Why? I enjoyed editing the site’s theme and putting a picture of Whitney Houston on a motorcycle front row center on the home page, but it’s time to move forward. Get your career started with this post!

Tagline: What you want to be when you grow up.


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