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5 Great Reasons to Take a Camera on Motorcycle Rides

We all know that motorcycle rides are good for the soul.

After spending a few hours swooping around your favourite motorcycle roads, you’re an entirely new person. Your problems are smaller, your grin is broader, and all is right with the world.

But pretty soon, reality comes creeping back in. You hang up your leather, and remember – arrgghh – you brought some work home with you this weekend. The damn kitchen tap is still dripping, the gutters need cleaning, and you’d better call your mother-in-law before she leaves you a fifth furious voice mail…

As day-to-day demands clamour for your attention, those stunning motorcycle roads are already starting to fade in your memory.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if the after-effects of your motorcycle rides could linger a little longer?

You can make that happen. And all you need is a camera.

I’ve been riding pillion for a while now (23 years and counting!), but it’s only recently I’ve thought to reach for my camera when I hear that bike motor fire up. Over the last few months, I’ve turned into the pillion paparazzi. And I’ve discovered something amazing in the process. These photos of motorcycle rides offer instant feel-good therapy – whenever I need it (like on a Monday morning, for instance…)

Because we live in New Zealand, I’m half expecting to see Gandalf striding across the fields in his pointy hat, or a hobbit peeping around a tree in most of the shots. So far, though, no magical creatures have photobombed any of my snaps.

But I do have thousands of photos of unique motorcycle moments. And these pictures of the sun glinting through roadside trees, or a long, beautiful curvy corner make me secretly smile whenever I need a boost.

Clearly, taking photos on motorcycle rides is the perfect job for a pillion. I wear summer-weight or fingerless gloves and use a light camera that’s not worth a million dollars (so I won’t cry if I drop it). Or, of course, you could also just use your phone.

And if you ride solo, you could always try a helmet-mounted camera – and capture video, which would be even cooler.

5 Awesome Reasons to Take Photos on Motorcycle Roads

  1. The camera captures moments the rider never sees.

The view from the pillion seat is very different from the rider’s perspective.

Naturally (and hopefully!) he’s a little busy concentrating on the road. But as a pillion, I can look to the left, the right, into the distance, down at the ground, and up in the air. I can capture moments from a 180 degree vista.

  1. You can replay the highlights of the ride over a beer.

When you get to your destination and you’re relaxing in the bar, you can scroll through images of the day, and appreciate the ride all over again.

  1. You have a permanent record of a fantastic ride.

Upload the photos to your computer or some cloud storage, and you have your own little private library of images. It’s fantastic to look back on past motorcycle rides – and a good incentive to go ride those cool motorcycle roads again!

  1. You can share your photos on social media.

Photos of motorcycle rides are fun to share on Facebook or Twitter – it’s a great way of connecting with people from all over the world who are riding in very different conditions or even climates (I’ve even started posting photos of New Zealand motorcycle roads on Pinterest).

  1. Use your favourite photo as a screen saver.

When a photo of a sun-drenched winding road appears on your work computer screen, you can instantly forget the shouting match about who didn’t buy the office biscuits this week. There’s a photo of your real life, front and center, to remind you of what really matters.

Taking photos during motorcycle rides is a great way to relish the sheer joy of a great ride … long after the bike is back in the garage.

Try it yourself!

Liz Hardy is the founder of Pillioness.com, where she helps women to love motorcycling. Wish your wife would ride with you? Make it happen (for free!) at Pillioness.com.

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  2. I don’t ride pillion, but as a rider I have always brought a camera to document my rides, epic or not. Some pictures I have taken never make it into my blog post (or social media), but are mine to savor. You are right that there is always something to snap a pic of. Great suggestions! I like the one about a getting a helmet cam, I am saving up some dollars to get one!

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