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5 Interesting Facts About the New Honda Trail 125

5 Interesting Facts About the New Honda Trail 125

For 2021 Honda is releasing the Honda Trail 125, based off of Honda’s Super Cub, but aimed at mild off-road, or at least off-pavement use. If the Trail looks familiar, it’s because it’s a modernized Honda CT110, a venerable workhorse of a small bike that was popular in just about every corner of the world. As interest in small motorcycles and cheap and efficient transportation continues to grow in 2020, here are 5 interesting facts you should know about the new Honda Trail 125.

60 years

If you feel like you’ve seen this bike before that’s because the first Honda Trail came out in 1961. The new model has some similarities. The original Honda Trail 50s were adaptations of Honda’s Cub (the most popular selling motorcycle of all time), designed for more rugged use. The 2021 Honda Trail 125 will be no exception, with knobby-esque tires that will be good enough for rough terrain but not necessarily deep mud.

158 miles per gallon

Yes, you read that right, 158 miles per gallon, as in 1.49 litres per 100 km. The 2021 Honda Trail 125 barely sips any gas at all into it’s air cooled, single overhead cam, single cylinder two valve engine’s tiny little fuel injectors.

Combined with a 1.4 gallon (5.3 litre) fuel tank that means the 2021 Honda Trail 125cc could go over 200 miles (320 kilometers) for the change you can find in your couch.

More electronics than your current motorcycle

This “mini-moto” Honda may have more electronics than your current motorcycle does. That’s because the Trail 125 comes standard with modern electronics such as an Anti-lock Braking System, which my much bigger, gas guzzling hog, sure doesn’t have.

There’s less going on than previous Trail models

You’ll be able to shift gears on the 2021 Honda Trail 125 without use of a clutch. You’ll still shift with your left foot, as per usual, but you won’t have to activate a clutch lever to do so.

That’s not the only difference though. The original trail had a selectable “low-range gear” setup that essentially took the Trail’s four speed transmission and made it more of an eight speed setup. This won’t be the case for the new 2021 models.

259 lbs

With it’s good-for-light-off-road-use tires, skid plate, 6.5” ground clearance, 3.9” front and 3.4” rear suspension travel, perhaps one of the things that make the Trail 125 so capable of going anywhere is the fact it’s curb weight, fully loaded, is only 259 lbs.

If this bike falls over, just pull it back up with one hand while you crack open a beer from off of the standard luggage rack with your other hand.

Final thoughts

Heritage, function, and modern technology combine perfectly in the new Trail 125. As we continue to see the motorcycle industry return to smaller, more economical motorcycles, the “mini-moto” 2021 Honda Trail 125 is the right bike at the right time.

Once these things are a few years old and prices start to come down, I might just have to pick one up.

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  1. Enjoyed the article on the Honda 125 Trail. Cheers. John B.

  2. Like I suspect with many others, I started my very long motorcycling career on a 1968 Honda Trail 90. I have put a deposit on a new 2021 Honda Trail 125. I came into my career on the little Honda and I will go out on the little Honda. Thanks for posting the article.

  3. Hello, do you believe the Honda Trail 125 will be available for sale in Canada in 2021? Thank you

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