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5 Pretty Awesome Posts You Might’ve Missed

5 Pretty Awesome Posts You Might’ve Missed

5 Awesome PostsA woman will challenge any man. She will test his patience, his stamina, and put him through cruel and unusual punishment. In a move that must be meant to gage if we’ve forgiven her for her last Blog Challenge, FuzzyGalore, a.k.a. She-Who-Made-Me-Write-29-Posts-in-29-Days-because-she-said-so, is out bossing around the internet, again! The nerve!

This time the boss ordered: “Post a list of 5 Pretty Awesome Posts Your Readers Might’ve Missed”

Well that’s pretty easy. She must be up to something. At any rate, here we go!

1) Do not start riding a motorcycle until you’ve read this. Lots of information and resources for the first time motorcyclist:

Sunday, 01 May 2011 15:00 LEARN2RIDE

First Motorcycle

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Motorcycle

This on-going series will cover all the steps of going from knowing nothing about motorcycles, to purchasing your first motorcycle or scooter. We’ll cover all the frequently asked beginner (noobie) questions.

Read more: How to Buy Your First Motorcycle

2) Once you’re done learning to ride a motorcycle don’t continue riding until you’ve read this, unless you have way too much money, in which case skip to 3).

Sunday, 13 November 2011 18:25 Top 10
Save Money Riding a Motorcycle

Everything you need to know to save money riding your motorcycle.
No one said it would be cheap, but who says it has to be expensive?

Read more: 5 Ways to Save Money Riding Your Motorcycle

3) 10 things I miss about my Harley and 10 other things I don’t. You should read this is you’ve ever even wished you had a Harley, and you should especially read this if you’d rather die before having one.

Thursday, 12 November 2012 19:48 Top 10
I Miss My Harley

A irritable old biker once told me that youth is wasted on the young. 22 years old is an exciting time in a man’s life. He is full of vigor, prowess, and insatiable appetites. He is old enough to be witty and young enough to remember the end of his jokes. Likewise, he’s often old enough to know better, and young enough not to care. The 22 year old male feels on top of the world.

It was at 22 years old I bought my first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. For a moment as brief as twilight, I was on top of the world. I miss that bike.>

Read more: 10 Things I Miss About My Harley

Friday, 13 November 2012 3:23 Top 10
I Miss My Harley

If you read 10 Things I Miss About My Harley, you know that at 22 years old I was on top of the world. My father had been off of chemotherapy for almost year and life was grand. After endless months of research and shopping around I carefully selected a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to celebrate all that was good in life.

As it turned out, I sold that bike less than a year later. There’s a pair of gloves full of reasons why. Here are 10 things I won’t miss about it.

Read more: 10 Things I Don’t Miss About My Harley

4) Read this because eventually I will write a post teaching you all 10 of these things, but for now here’s a start!

Friday, 10 August 2012 01:05 Top 10
10 Things The MSF Motorcycle Course Doesn't Teach YouWe’ve all taken our motorcycle rider training. A weekend spent riding, sunshine, the wind at your face, it’s your first taste of the open road and life on two wheels. The motorcycle course (or motorcycle safety foundation course) takes you from a complete noobie to, for all intents and purposes, a “motorcyclist”, over the span of one weekend. The only problem is that there’s only so much you learning you can fit in one weekend.

Here are the Top 10 Things the MSF Course Doesn’t Teach You.

Read more: 10 Things The MSF Motorcycle Course Doesn’t Teach You

5) Woman Rides Her Motorcycle Alone Across The United States & Female Motorcyclist Retells Travelling Across the USA – MISSRIDER was an inspiration even before I met her, she’s one of those once in a lifetime people you’ll only meet two or three times in a lifetime. She believes anyone could do the things she does. I think her courage and and that optimistic heart of hers is part of what makes her a two-wheel Superwoman.

Saturday, 29 October 2011 00:37 Women
Woman Rides Her Motorcycle Alone Across The United States

Whether its the freedom, the machine, or the woman herself, everyone can appreciate something of beauty in a woman riding her motorcycle. For some women, a ride around town, or even the state just isn’t enough. On July 4th, 2011, Madeline “MISSRIDER” Velazquez set out on the ride of a lifetime: travelling across the United States by motorcycle, all alone, aboard her Triumph Bonneville. She was kind of enough to take a moment to answer some of our questions and tell us about her trip.

Read more: Woman Rides Her Motorcycle Alone Across The United States

Bonus: Motorcycle Contortionists Photoshoot – This is going to be the first of a series of posts about the photo shoot we did in July. Lots more to come but for now enjoy the preview!

Monday, 20 August 2012 00:00 Reviews & Info Latest

motorcycle contortion

Sometimes in life good things happens. Things you never could have imagined, like a girl doing handstand push ups in your condo asking you about doing a photoshoot on motorcycles. Did I mention she can put her feet behind her head?

I reached out to the world famous WobblyCat, an avid motorcyclist, photographer, and superhero. What followed was a full day’s event, a first ever motorcycle photoshoot. Two girls on motorcycles doing very interesting things.

Read more: Motorcycle Contortionists Photoshoot

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