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5 Online Dating Dos and Donts for Bikers

5 Things Girls Hate to See on a Biker Dating Profile

Online dating is the way to meet girls, but you have to play by the rules! Your biker dating profile should show the world who you really are, and it should definitely not showcase your alter ego. Below we discuss our top 5 pet peeves girls hate to see on a biker dating profile and offer our proven tips on how to fix them.

#1: Mirror Selfies

For the 100th time, mirror selfies are anything but sexy and attractive. A selfie, in general, is a testament of a fairly shallow behavior or state of mind at the time it is taken. ‘Take a selfie, fake a life’ speaks volumes about what the selfie culture really represents – our attempt to present our life in the best possible light that is often a far cry from reality. On top of that, a mirror selfie is probably the worst kind of such attempt because it shows insecurities on multiple levels. For the love of God, you have your phone camera which acts as a mirror before you take a photo. Why would you need two mirrors to look at yourself?! Instead, post a photo where your face is clearly visible, where you’re not trying hard to pose, and where you look as down to earth as possible. The more approachable and relatable you seem in your biker dating profile, the more action you’re bound to get. Please fight your desire to look macho!

#2: Posing Next To Your Bike

We know you’re into motorcycles, believe us! We know you live and breathe the biker culture. We’d like to see what other interests you have because it would be so disappointing if you had none! Do you like to cook, travel, read, fix engines, work out, or donate to charity? A girl checking out your profile would like to know that. Put yourself in her shoes. She’s looking for a date on a biker dating site. She already knows you’re a biker! Everyone is! You have to make sure you stand out from the crowd in some way otherwise your profile might go unnoticed. Plus, posing next to your bike is kind of childish. Do you know any 17-year-olds doing the same thing? Exactly!

#3: Shirtless Photos

Even if a girl is browsing a biker site looking for a fling and nothing more she still wants a real mature man, not a childish poser. Whatever you do, do not put your shirtless photos on a dating site profile! It tells the viewers you’re superficial and you don’t care about any real values. Your only passion is your physical appearance and your bike. It also looks like a cry for attention and doesn’t showcase anything real about your personality. What you want to post are photos depicting you as a person who is easy going and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. A girl looking for a date on a biker site doesn’t want someone who’s more into their looks than she is. She wants rugged effortless handsomeness!

#4: Neglected Dating Profile

If you want your profile to get you as many girls as possible, you absolutely have to maintain it on a regular basis. Change your profile picture every couple of weeks to keep it fresh and to invite more people to click on your page. Change up the content that you post such as your bio or what you’re looking for. Make sure your dating profile represents you in the best possible light, even better than your resume! If a girl kind of likes you, she’ll want to see more of you on your profile. Feed her the right kind of information coupled with the right kind of images.

#5: Neglected Social Media Pages

Keep in mind that your biker dating profile is not your only page on the web. The first thing a girl checking out your profile does after closing it is Googling you and checking out your Facebook or Instagram pages. Even though your social media pages are not your dating calling cards per se, they can absolutely make or break your chances with a girl. First of all, it’s a red flag if you’re not on social media. It tells her you’re hiding from the world and in all likelihood leading a secluded or solitary kind of lifestyle. Second of all, your social media profiles must match your dating profile. For instance, it’s unlikely any girl will reply to your message if she sees on Facebook you’re married or only in town for a few weeks. Last but not least, your social media pages must be presentable and up to date!

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