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5 Tips for Handling a Motorcycle Accident

5 Tips for Handling a Motorcycle Accident

While riding a motorcycle can give you a huge surge of adrenaline, it is considerably more dangerous than driving a car. Thousands of motorcyclists are killed each year in the U.S., and tens of thousands more are left severely injured as a result of motorcycle accidents. As a motorcyclist, you are far more exposed in a collision than the driver of a car would be. Naturally, we know there are certain behaviors we should avoid as motorcyclists and safety rules that need to be adhered to. Even when you adhere to these, accidents are still highly likely to happen. As a motorcyclist, if you find yourself the victim of an unfortunate accident, there are some simple steps you should follow when it comes to handling the situation. 

Gather Information

Whenever possible, stay on the scene and contact law enforcement. If your injuries are relatively minor, use this opportunity to gather information. Take photographs of the scene and get the details of the vehicles involved in the accident. This information should include the other driver’s details and make, model, and color of the vehicle. It is also wise to collect the information of any witnesses as well. 

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you have no visible injuries, it is important to seek medical help after a motorcycle accident. Not all injuries will show immediate symptoms. Visit a doctor as soon as possible after an accident and get a formal medical report if possible. Also, keep track of any appointments or procedures related to the accident, and be sure to follow your doctor’s advice. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

Following an accident, it’s important to inform your insurance company as soon as possible. They may send someone out to survey the damage and make a call on how much you can claim for injuries and damage to the vehicle. With that being said, there are likely to be limits on how much they cover, so you’ll likely need to file a formal lawsuit against the other party to get the full compensation necessary. 

Avoid Negotiating Out of Court

It’s highly likely that the other driver’s insurance company will contact you. Remember, they will be trying to gather information to use against you, so don’t give too much away. In some instances, the other party will try to negotiate out of court to save on legal fees. While their offers may seem attractive at first glance, you should explore your option to pursue legal proceedings if you want to get a better settlement. 

Seek Legal Advice From a Specialist

While it is possible for you to negotiate on your own behalf and even file a lawsuit by yourself, there are huge benefits that come with hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. A reputable specialist will represent your best interests in court and make the whole process easier so you can focus on your recovery. 

Although we should do everything in our power to prevent motorcycle accidents, they are a reality that we should be ready to deal with too. Knowing what to do in the event of a motorcycle accident will make a huge difference when it comes to receiving the legal compensation you deserve. Take steps to educate yourself on these processes so that you aren’t caught off guard. 

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