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7 Things Most Newbies Don’t Know About Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Most motorcyclists are aware of the helmet options they have at hand. There are many styles, sizes, colors and designs, materials, and prices. Scoping helmets online or in store, it’s possible you’ve noticed that there are Bluetooth helmet options as well.

With Bluetooth helmets in mind, what do you not yet know about them? (I mean, they’re a helmet, and they have Bluetooth, right? But what else? What do they do?)

If you’re new to the concept of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, these facts about them may shock you – and possibly intrigue you into purchasing one for yourself:

1.     Bluetooth helmets can give you GPS directions.

No need to roll around on your bike lost; Bluetooth helmets offer the same convenience many newer car models are equipped with nowadays: GPS voice navigation.

Imagine how smoother road trips would be having GPS as a backup just in case something goes wrong or if you need to refill your tank. No need to keep pulling over to whip out a map or look up directions on your phone.

GPS navigation is not just about getting directions. GPS systems can also help you achieve the shortest distance or the shortest travel time to get you to your destination the way you wish.

2.   These bad boys let you privately listen to your personal music or FM radio.

If you’re like most, blaring sweet tunes on your bike is no biggie. Motorcyclists have done it for decades. Quite frankly, it’s a great conversation starter. “Hey! Sweet music!” (or maybe even, “Dude, your music stinks!”)

However, if you’re listening to a cheesy love song and don’t want your biker friends to make fun of you, or you want to listen to the news on FM radio without distracting traffic sounds in the background, Bluetooth helmets make it possible as they keep audio private while providing essential noise-blocking technology.

We all need a little privacy sometimes, right?

3.   You can also stream music with your dudes.

Riding with your friends is one way to bond, but sharing music is another. Why not opt for both? With Bluetooth helmets, you can!

Just like with a car ride, you can play synced music that all your motorcycle buddies can listen to as well. This feature apart of many Bluetooth motorcycle helmets takes things to a whole new level.

Music-sharing is also a great way to get into new songs and to better understand the biker who’s sharing music with you.

4.   They allow you to take phone calls – even from a group.

Whether you need to make a call or answer one, Bluetooth helmets can do both if you have them paired up with your cell phone. Best of all, you can even communicate with your biker friends on a ride if they have Bluetooth helmets as well. Don’t worry; call-handling is completely hands-free and completely legal!

When thinking of the many possibilities of getting to verbally communicate with your buds on a ride, there are a lot. Whether you need to communicate that you need to fuel up or take a restroom break, that you’re lost, or that you’re having some bike issues, all of that can quickly be addressed.

After all, communication is key.

5.    Bluetooth motorcycle helmets don’t emit as many microwaves or electromagnetic waves as you think.

When technology comes to mind, automatically think of radiation and its harms. Fortunately, Bluetooth helmets don’t emit as much radiation as they would seem. In fact, they don’t put off much more waves than cellphones.

If radiation scares you when it comes to Bluetooth helmets, remember this: everything in moderation. You could always swap between your regular helmet and your Bluetooth helmet to help maintain that balance (but let’s be honest, Bluetooth helmets have way cool technology – too good to pass up).

6.   They are often just as heavy as regular helmets.

More technology means a heavier helmet, right? Wrong.

Many Bluetooth helmets have a weight that’s quite comparable to traditional motorcycle helmets. Ergonomics is a major component of all helmets, even those with Bluetooth.

It’s a win-win situation. You get wicked Bluetooth technology and a helmet that isn’t going to strain your neck from its weight. Whew!

7.    Helmets with Bluetooth aren’t as pricey as they would seem.

Okay, so here’s another thing many don’t know before checking out Bluetooth helmets for themselves: the cost.

The natural assumption would be that Bluetooth helmets are significantly higher in price than their non-Bluetooth counterparts. However, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are actually comparable to name-brand, non-Bluetooth helmets – some even cheaper.

Sure, you might be spending more for your Bluetooth helmet, but hey, if GPS navigation, privately-played music, communication via phone calls, and music streaming are your jam, you’ve got to go Bluetooth.

If you think Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are dope, check out this list of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets to see what else they offer.


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