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9 Motocross/Dirt Bike Maintenance Tips

According to mechanic, most of the time when dirt bikes require shop service, it’s because the owners failed to have scheduled maintenance done. In most cases, the basic upkeep required to keep the machines running in tip-top condition had been neglected. So, the time they could’ve been spending riding and adding cool accessories and aftermarket parts is wasted waiting on their bikes to be repaired.

General Maintenance Prolongs Your Motocross/Dirt Bike’s Life

How can you prolong the life of your bike? Well, it all comes down to ensuring that you bike gets the proper general preventive maintenance. Here are a nine tips for keeping your bike running at peak performance:

1. Change bike oil. This is probably the most vital preventive maintenance you can perform on your bike. Oil helps your internal parts stay cool, while minimizing friction. Overtime, oil collects contaminates and moisture, decreasing its effectiveness. Old oil can cause your bottom or top end to seize.

2. Adjust and lube bike chain. Adding lube to your chain will keep it from rusting. A rusty chain causes your engine to have to work much harder to get your wheels turning. You also need to adjust the chain regularly. If not, it may loosen over time, and pop off the bike’s sprockets.

3. Inspect sprockets. Check your sprockets for things like curled or broken teeth or other wear. Simply pull it from behind the sprocket. If the gap is over ¼-inch, replace the sprocket.

4. Check bearings and lube if necessary. The bottom line is that every moving part on your bike need some type of lubricant. When it comes to your swing arm bearings, steering and wheel, you need grease, like one or two times annually. If not, your bearings will seize, stopping your bars and wheels from turning.

Motocross Dirt Bike Rider Maintenance

5. Adjust valves. These tend to tighten up over time. If they get to tight, heat damage can cause valves or piston to melt to the cylinder wall, and to each other. So, adjust your valves regularly.

6. Keep air filter clean. Your bike needs fresh air to survive, just like you. Dirty air filters cause engines to suck up sediments such as dirt. When these particles get caught up inside moving part, they can wear prematurely, or even break. So, wash off your air filter, air-dry excess water, and use a fan to help it finish drying. Then, lubricate it will filter oil and reinstall it.

7. Maintain pipes. Plugged pipes make bike engines work harder to rid themselves of exhaust, decreasing power. This can also keep your machine from starting. So, make sure your pipe isn’t plugged up, rusty, excessively oiled or that the exhaust packing isn’t broken down.

8. Lube cables. Rusted cables not only decrease the life of your bike, they’re downright dangerous. This is especially true for rusted brake and throttle cables. Simply lube your cables regularly to prevent rusting.

9. Wash your motocross/dirt bike. Washing your bike helps remove sand and dirt that may get caught up within moving parts. This is the simplest preventive maintenance, and cosmetic, task you can perform on your bike.

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  1. You can check wheel bearings and replace when necessary. Check your tyre pressure. Perform a general inspection of your dirt bike, keeping an eye out for loose bolts, spokes, etc. Thank you for sharing such a great information about dirt bike maintenance tips with me.

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